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  • beast255
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    Let it begin. Improvements with game play. Back to basics with controls and how it reacts to on the screen. Players on novice mode in the game are at a disadvantage as the game plays....example....Wr have too many missed catches, and Qb throws are more the half off the mark. A.I. is too good in this mode on all parts of the game, and it shows with DB can be 4 yards out and leap ahead of Wr to steal the ball....or my favorite is the Qb running away from a rush and then get pulled into the defense for a sack. The game play also messes with the running game, something that has not be right for couple years now. I know football is hard to play in life and in a game, but if the A.I. and game play have an edge then it takes away the feel of a true football game. I played football, i know you can predict everything in the game, but this madden was too predictable with how the AI was too good to be fair. Minor thing I noticed in the last madden, there seems to be an assist in the game that takes control of your player, usually leading to plays that happen when your not in full control of that player....Let me control my player mistakes and all.
    I don't mess with the other modes, but Franchise....so my focus on this mode next.
    As with other people, the first thing is the idea of Coaching in the game. As the owner, the selection is limited on a few real coaches and many fake made up coaches. I liked having coordinators and the selection of many coaching choices. Coaching playbooks seemed to be limited based on schemes, so more of a selection playing style. Also former players can get coaching jobs...something i saw years ago, and wish i was back. Something i have not seen in the game but something to add to coaching, the type of coach they are....offense, defense, relaxed, old school, player coach, and hard as nailz style.

    Now relocation....just a tweek. I like the option tho some don't make sense but maybe add more choices, getting rid of international....most teams will not move across the ocean...the cost of flights are too much. With uniforms, options are good part but having the choice to create your own is plus, something that i see allot of fans like.

    My big beef is with the free agent, trades and draft parts of the mode. Some of the trades make no sense but that is the game. Now the when i offer up a player, the offers are off the mark on terms of what i need or want. Please bring back the option to request what you desire in the trade...Like getting a first rounder for Mack, not oh a 4 to 5 rounder....and once in a blue moon a 3rd rounder. Trades are not the big deal like baseball or basketball but it should still be idea of a trade mattering. The free agents part should be shifted to more in-depth with the players. I open up free agency and select Brady to offer a deal. I like to know the stats, and style of play, but also whether Brady likes the team, the coach, location and even if they want a big contract above all else. Include the health report....sometimes you got to decide of its worth spending money on a often injured player.
    Drafting and college players...i know the Ncaa pulled their support, so its more about defining the scouting of a player, and where they might get drafted. Picking a player is a gamble, and the draft in the game should be treated like that. Some of the best college players never pan out in the NFL. So with drafting, scout the player in order...kinda like classic 2ksports basketball game. Scout the basics first, then have a report based on some games....i know just a part of the game but not really scouting out a real game. Then do the combine, followed with checking out some pro days with top players and finally a college all star game. When the draft happens, have the players projected in the draft but not have the ratings until the preseason mode.
    Finally thing is to deal with the team themselves. As the owner, picking the players to promote should be the owner, not the computer. Suggests are always welcome but the final word should be to the player. In regards to location of the team or new places, having more info helps decide whether as the owner to leave or stay.

    I love Madden football and miss Ncaa football games. I would enjoy seeing some of these changes to help make the game great as its been.
  • For madden 20 I think it would be cool if there could be a postseason mode much like NHL’s
    I also think it would be cool if there could be authentic presentations like fox and cbs although I like the current presentation
    Also I think there should be customizable difficulty for both offense and defense in franchise mode, like all madden for offense and all pro for defense for an example
  • there a lot more they need to work on then what u talking bout. gameplay needs to be fix. free agency need to be fix. trade system needs to be fix. contracts needs to be fix. we need a brand new news section. they need to add twitter feed like they did for madden 15 and 25. they need a new scouting system. they need to add special teams coach. they need to add defense coach. and they need to add offence coach even if they just use fake names. they need to back back and look at the old madden like 11 12 05 07 and see what they did right and add that to new maddens idc if it been used has along its realistic and its fun to play again please stand up to them because if we dont its just a another paste and copy game i already stand up to them not it everyone turn to stand up to them and express there frustration and get ea to stop caring for mut and be caring for franchise.
  • My biggest request for madden 20... that its not made by E.A.
  • Madden 20 Updates:

    Get real presentation and announcers for corresponding games (I.e. Sunday Night has Michaels, Collinsworth and NBC broadcast. Same goes for Fox, CBS, and ESPN games.)

    Add real OC/DC and improved coaching carousel.

    Seriously improve franchise mode. I would like to see a component that could be a story mode/RPG of sorts similar to what 2k added.

    At very least should add inactive roster decisions for every week. (I.e. real NFL rosters have 53 players but only 46 are active every week)
  • I would love if EA would add expansion team a thing in frannchise for madden 20
  • I’d love to see more in-depth formations on offense and more disqusing of zone coverages and blitzes on defense. Also some sort of improved coach hiring process. Would be cool to see some older coaches come out of retirement hire a college coach or your oc dc would be cool to see clear customizable features also my cleats week. And the same my career style that nhl19 and nba live have. Except for the weird build styles
  • Masontcarr
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    It's 2019 folks, and what a way to start the new year is to think about 2019's nfl game Madden NFL 20. What would you guys want in this year's game? Edit: This page already exists.
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  • Masontcarr
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    My Wishlist For NFL 20.
    Create A Team
    A Game Mode Similar To NHL's Threes Mode
    Play As Pro Bowl Teams
    NFL Legends
    Half-Time Show For Super Bowl
    Pre-Game Show
    Authentic Arenas Like In NHL Series.
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  • new gameplay new graphics pre game show new scouting and new coaches of and def and speical team coach more realistic areas
  • Madden NFL 20, Definitely Needs A Soundtrack That Could Make Fans Of The Franchise And EA Happy. What would you like to see for songs in Madden NFL 20? I might put songs i would like to see soon.
  • I wouldn't mind a few more leagues. If you want a definitive football experience, probably have NCAA with the series. Add the CFL and AAF too I would think.
  • What are some opinions on Madden 20 being on Switch and the odds of having on the Switch? Want it? Don't want it? Don't care?
  • Yes masontcarr im talking to you.
  • dunkle93 wrote: »
    I wouldn't mind a few more leagues. If you want a definitive football experience, probably have NCAA with the series. Add the CFL and AAF too I would think.

    And maybe throw in Lacrosse... Tiddlywinks and Mumblepeg.
  • PiGFiSH26 wrote: »
    dunkle93 wrote: »
    I wouldn't mind a few more leagues. If you want a definitive football experience, probably have NCAA with the series. Add the CFL and AAF too I would think.

    And maybe throw in Lacrosse... Tiddlywinks and Mumblepeg.

    Was that really necessary? :/
    Be honest
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    This thread has turned into nothing but a name calling, trashing one another fest. Due to this behavior, i'm going to close it. It can be reopened, so no one start another until we can see if this thread can be cleaned up and saved.

    Let me remind people that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and everyone will abide by the TOS you agreed to when you signed up for the forums.
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