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EA Please Fix These Issues!!

-Why is there always 10+ MPH winds at every outdoor stadium? Fix this so that it is more random.
-When siming in a game, kickoffs that result in a touchback take 3 seconds off the clock... Never does that happen in real life.
-Stop the clock when a player goes out of bounds, not just under two minutes.
-Enable more fluid quarterback moves in the pocket, to help avoid sacks.
-Strip-sack feature for defensive players rushing the quarterback.
-Update Commentary! Tired of hearing the same phrases from Madden 18!
-Add more commentators.
-Thursday, Sunday, and Monday game references. When it’s a prime-time game make it a prime-time game. Where is the hype?

-Cloud Franchise needs to allow one player to have access to 32 different characters. When you want just your own franchise, with real stats.
-Add Offensive, Defensive, and Special Teams Coordinators. And add feature to promote lower coaches to head coaches in offseason.
-Add the different types of contracts: Restricted Free Agents, Unrestricted Free Agents, and Exclusive Rights Free Agents. And have them affect the free agency market.
-Add Option years in contracts.
-Have computer teams draft with more team need basis.
-Have computer trades in the draft.
-Add NFL Combine Week in the off-season, coaches can go in and view different times for all the players.
-Off-season Workouts to award XP to highlighted players.
-Allow more characters in a trade on each side, and allow to trade future draft picks by 3 years.
-Add Compensatory Picks in the Draft.
-Add a week for signing undrafted Free Agents.

-View my other post about Player Likeiness Needed. Give the OL and DL some love.
-Add more faces for editable players.
-Add Long-Snapper position in the Roster. And have a player rating for it.
-Add Place Holder to the Depth Chart, or make it default that the punter is the holder.
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