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Ultimate freeze Q&A

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Hi, we recently had a brief Q&A on our upcoming Madden Ultimate Freeze event, here are some of the main queries and responses.

When will UF start?
UF will start this Thursday December 13th at 10:30am EST and it runs to January 2nd.

Will Blitz tokens be apart of the promo that is required?
Blitz tokens won't be used as a required currency for the program.

There will be blitz token conversions into Snowflakes (stamina currency) and coins into Snowflakes. Basically the same thing we had during Madden Feast.

Can you please tell us if Ultimate Freeze will be similar to the Madden Feast in terms of currencies? This means 1 big currency through the promo, maybe something for Christmas day and a heavy use of blitz tokens throughout the promo.
Yes so we got a lot of new toys to play with for this program and we're giving them a spin for Freeze. There are 2 main currencies and a lot of collectibles. One will work as stamina (Snowflakes) and the other is for making progress towards the 5 different Masters (Lights).

Will there be something related to 12 days of Christmas like the sets in the past?
We absolutely have something like that for UF this year. I don't want to give away too much with regards to is but 12 Days is definitely in the program.

Will gifts be auctionable? And will some gifts be more rare than the others?
You will build presents by collecting certain items and putting them into sets. Additionally, you will be able to pull presents in packs and some events.

The presents will not be auctionable, but the items required to build them will be.

Hi! Part of what made Most Feared an immersive experience in my opinion was the music that was added in the background. Do you guys plan to add any Christmas related music to the UF promo? That would be pretty cool as the music can get repetitive for many players
We do plan on an entire takeover in the game for UF. That includes music, feature tiles, backgrounds, the whole thing.

Will there be a chance at a winter stadium?
Yes and I am very excited about the stadium. It goes directly with the art style we decided on and you can obtain the stadium by participating in the community events we have up for the entirety of the program.

Assuming UF will have gifts, how can we obtain gifts? cutting players/playing events/...?
Gifts are in UF. We're trying a new version of Sets in UF and that will be the primary way of obtaining gifts along with chances of them in packs or packs directly.

What will gifts contain?
All I'll say about that is there are Gold, Elite, Diamond, and Master gifts.

Can we expect a extra round of gifts/players for new year?
We do have some special stuff for New Years. We've talked about what will be part of that but don't have anything concrete at this point in time.

Can we get a sneak peek on some Masters/Ghosts?
Richard Sherman (my personal favorite), Cam Newton, Lawrence Taylor, Randy Moss, and Walter Payton.

Can you give a sneak peak of O.O.P. (Out of Position) players we will have the pleasure of looking forward to? :)
I talked to my man Goss and he said there are TONS of OOP this year. Including DE Saquon Barkley and MLB Ben Roethlisberger!

Oh, also, will the be Christmas themed music?
Of course :D

You can find the full Q&A here!
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  • bamsouth333
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    Can you break down “community challenge “ for us

    * I’ll be more specific. Does UF blitz event count for community challenge,or only stocking stuffer? *
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  • Never mind !!! It’s another EA fail anyway
  • Never mind !!! It’s another EA fail anyway
    Nah man this event is a blast.
  • roxo78 wrote: »
    Never mind !!! It’s another EA fail anyway
    Nah man this event is a blast.

    A blast to the wallet
  • DPLAYER0077
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    edited December 2018
    I just somehow lost my post, it was deleted accidentally I suppose... I have spent at least 6 hrs trying to resolve this matter to no avail.
    Anyways, there is something seriously wrong with my collectable s, collectables section of my game. I was trying to get the 92,93,94 Sherman and if there was enough time all the other main 94 bosses. However after buying the 50 ornaments, then earning the personalized ornament of Sherman's I went to the tree to trade in my ornaments for the 92 Sherman. Well it says that I didn't have his personalized ornament so I went to the ah and bought another one of his ornaments that didn't work either! So I researched here and several other websites to find out that I was supposed to trade in the 91 Sherman in order to get the 92 so I did that as well and still won't work. So now I don't have any players from the event period, for the hrs of play and the money that I have been spending daily on the game! After Sherman's ornament did not show up in the collectables section I decided to go and get the personalized ornaments for each of the 5 boss players offered. Well that's how I found out that NONE of their ornaments are showing up in the collectables section, but in the ah you can clearly see that I own all 5 of their ornaments! I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game cleaned out All the caches on my tablets and phones, then did everything humanly possible here at my end I cannot fix this problem! This needs an intervention from someone at EA!!
    I know this because on ALL of my phone's and tablets are having the exact same problem, of not recognizing
    in the collectables section that I have ALL of the personalized ornaments for each boss. Thus making it impossible for me to get any of the 92, 93, or the 94 players offered from this event, that I have already spent hard earned money to get. So all I am asking for is to have the same opportunity as everyone else here has to earn these bosses that are being offered, especially after spending cash on almost a daily basis in order to get them players. I am totally disappointed as like every other year that I have played, this is my fourth season here I believe! As this was one of my favorite events of the year and I usually have put aside more than enough money to get my squad to the best possible level to this point. But I can't spend another penny till someone fixes this problem as I can't from here. I also posted a couple pictures showing exactly what is going on below. sbupobnhnurl.jpg
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  • EA_David
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    @DPLAYER0077 Hey, those are vouchers for the ornaments, not the ornaments themselves.

    Exchange them and you you be able to progress.
  • DPLAYER0077
    3 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    This is proof right now I own all 5of the personalized ornaments for each Master.

    And when I try to get one of the 92s this is what I get


    Thus making it imposible to get any of the Master above 91! Please Help as I am going to fold my league and not spend the funds I put away for this event. I been here for 3 or 4 seasons now but I am loosing faith fast! A Little HELP PLEASE!


  • Exchange the “voucher “ for the ornament
  • And while you have their attention asked them if they’ll turn down the AI settings so we can catch and run the ball🙃
  • After unlocking master gingerbread player we still earn gingerbread and candy canes . Where are they going?if you choose captain or whistles you still earn a candy cane (sometimes)
  • Do not trade in Richard Sherman!!!!! It does not level him up even though you have all the ornaments! I just traded mine in and have redeemed all the Sherman ornaments and it will not let me upgrade! Lost out big time on this event-
  • The real problem is that EA does not explain this properly. Once you obtain the ornaments (via exchange couchers (why the extra step)? You have to exhange the player for the snow flake! but be careful! I accidentally exchanged my player again without getting the next level of ornaments and now I'm contacting EA to see if I can get my player back. This is really awful game design TBH, and also lack of communication. I don't even see players WARNING other players how this works on MUTHEAD or REDDIT.
  • I logged in today and the ornament map had disappeared from the trees for the UF masters. When I looked, it said requirements to upgrade were 1 token. Didn't mention ornaments anymore. I traded in my Sherman, Payton and Moss for tokens to upgrade. It then said I couldn't upgrade because I didn't complete the ornaments! Now my team is totally screwed and I have 3 freeze tokens that are worthless!

    Spoke with customer support and was told "just wait. It is a known issue." I just want my players back! Come on EA! This is ridiculous! I'm a member of a serious league and I am now worthless to them.
  • Hello,

    There are 8+ hours remaining of the Ultimate Freeze and New Years events. However, we cannot redeem our hard earned items for the UF Masters, despite event time remaining.

    Also told by EA Customer Support that this has been reported by many players and to post this here to the threads. They said it is a known issue (and offered me a Madden Pack - are you serious?), but that doesn't help me at all when I've spent 10's of hours on the UF and NY events to only now have items that are completely worthless. Don't alienate your most active players due to a bug that now renders their countless hours or time playing your game worthless.

    Screenshots follow....

    Please make this right





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