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Learn from your mistakes

Madden 19 Game Release Fail

Broken run turbo
H2H stat tracker broken
Fumble animation
Scum kick animation
O line block shedding
Interception camera flip.

Madden 20 Focus

1.Working gameplay mechanics on release date
2.More content for H2H including breast cancer colors live weather wind
3.Matchmaking Jersey,pad ,color option
4.Competitive lobby rules for H2H excluding custom playbooks and previous play
5.Cut the story mode and use that team to make game more immersive with unique content for game modes besides MUT
6.Implement the old point system from 2012 madden losing games should have consequence not just staying at same point scale you should lose points.
7.Players gear option add a locker page unlocked gear with in game currency used for H2H and MUT
8.Weather and wind options for H2H depending on location of stadium.
9.Fix humpback player animation then running full speed
10.Fix Block shedding


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