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Ultimate Freeze Update!

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Ultimate Freeze is back and bigger than ever! This season you will be tasked with lighting up and decorating Freeze Master trees to unlock Masters, and of course gathering presents! We have added over 100 new players to the game with some exciting surprises! In response to community feedback, sets are making a return to the game in a new way. You will be collecting various items throughout the program that you will be able to use or exchange to progress through Ultimate Freeze. Additionally, there will be community challenge events throughout the program that will give you all the opportunity to win exciting prizes!


Playing Events

Upon entering Ultimate Freeze you will notice that you need to collect Snowflakes in order to play blitz events. You will be able to collect Snowflakes by playing events and opening packs. Once you have collected some Snowflakes you will be able to start playing events to earn Lights and Ornaments. Lights and Ornaments will be the primary currencies you will collect to obtain and upgrade Freeze Masters.

The Masters

There are a total of 5 Freeze Masters that you can work towards for Ultimate Freeze: Walter Payton, Lawrence Taylor, Randy Moss, Cam Newton, and Richard Sherman. Additionally, there will be two special Masters: The 12 days of Christmas Master Tom Brady and the Gingerbread Master Chris Johnson!

Each Freeze Master will initially unlock as a 91 OVR, but you will have the opportunity to upgrade each one up to a 94 OVR by completing certain requirements. Upgrading the Masters will give them boosts that apply to the other Freeze Masters. Upgrading a Freeze Master all the way to 94 will award a Master Present. Collect all the Master Presents for a special gift that opens on December 25th!


How to get them

In order to unlock Freeze Masters you will need to collect Lights to light up the tree on the main hub. Lights can be acquired by using your Snowflakes to complete various events throughout the program and by exchanging Ultimate Freeze players. Each Freeze Master has a separate tree that you will be able to cycle between whenever you want. This will allow you to choose the Freeze Masters that you want to go after.


How to upgrade them

Once you have acquired a Freeze Master you will be able to upgrade that master by collecting specific Ornaments to decorate their tree. You will be able to upgrade each Freeze Master 3 times up to a 94 OVR. You can acquire Ornaments by playing events, opening packs, or using the exchange sets.


Presents are back! This season you will be collecting certain items in order to build specific presents. Similar to previous seasons, there are multiple tiers of presents: Gold, Elite, Diamond, and Master. Presents will require you to collect items to put into sets. The items are: Wrapping Paper, Ribbons, and Bows. All presents will automatically open on December 25th.


There will be various sets that you can work to compete throughout Ultimate Freeze. There are multiple exchange sets that will let you exchange various currencies and items for each other. This will allow you to better plan out your progression throughout the program.

Additionally there will be Player Sets that require you to collect and use certain items in order to obtain Gold, Elite, and Diamond Ultimate Freeze players.


Special Events

You can look forward to more players and surprises on Christmas Day and after through New Years. Old favorites like Madden Ghosts of Present, Past, and Future will return and even some Naughty Out of Position Players!


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