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Fake FG in Overdrive

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edited December 2018
Hi, I have a question about these plays.

Yesterday when playing a game (against a bot), in the first drive of my opponent, a 20-yard run was made by FB D. Watt, when trying to make that play, I noticed that it is made by QB and not FB. How is this possible?

Another question I have is about the Fake FG Pass, in this play I noticed that often the receiver is the CB Night Train Lane, but when trying to repeat it, the players who receive those passes are my WR's, how is this possible too?

PS:I will not even comment on the fact that a FB silver, get a move of this against a defense ovr 90, lol.

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  • EA_David
    308 posts EA Community Manager
    Yeah, he was the little FB that could. :)

    As I personally understand it there can be anomalies with the film for "bot" games but the final score should be correct.

    I personally haven't used the Fake FG plays more than a few novelty times, but I'll try it a few more times and see what inconsistencies I can find.
  • Thanks for the help @EA_David
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