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Madden 20 - College Football

Hey does anybody else think that adding College Football to madden 20 for Player Career? So that you play in college for four years and depending on how you play you get drafted (play really well 1st round, good 2nd round, etc.) or not at all. I would love if this happened and if any of you guys would get the word out so there's a chance it will be added. It's a big ask for EA but I definitely think it would be worth it.


  • They did it with NHL 19 with the CHL and it is really nice, why not do it for madden 19?
  • DyeusVita
    353 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    It’d be cool but I bet there’s still the player likeness of college kids issue; however I don’t see why they couldn’t add in a college seasons worth of grading you against various opponents & then creating your nfl player based on how you played.

    Then you get drafted & your career begins
  • NatureBoy2323
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    They won't be another college football game made until someone (the NCAA) figures out how college athletes can be paid for their likenesses. Since this is the Madden forum, i'm going to close this thread.
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