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17 gold players for presents? Are you Serious?

So today I got up all excited to check my Madden Presents as I had around 19 today, with 2 large ones. Around 3,3000 snow spent for just 1 day.

And what do it get? 17 gold cards, which cost 10 snow a piece for a whopping 170 snow value, and 2 89 Andy Dalton Cards.

You all robbed me blind, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I cannot even imagine all the people who cannot afford to blow money on this game and the anger that followed after they got gold oop cards.

I respectfully demand compensation for this. This was not even your normal gambling, this was set up to open today for the iron man promotion, and you could at least given me 17 iron man crappy packs rather then 17 77-79 gold players.

This is the kind of stuff that is going to get MUT shutdown by the feds, and I have warned you multiple times.


  • I could have purchased 330 gold cards with the snow I spent for ONE DAY, and this came straight from my own wallet of real money.

    You literally took 175 dollars + a day and gave me 17 gold cards, and I still have not go my Legend. At Least all the Kelce cards gave 440 snow. It was not great but did not leave me felling utterly robbed.
  • Ya I gotta agree has to leave a sour taste when they give out coal for Xmas.
  • And on top of it that "topper" was an 89 Andy Dalton that only gave 640 snow. Horrible.

    I really wanna hear from the devs on this one, and whether this is going to be compensated, I know you all are off for winter break, but I know you check the forums.

    This day is going wild on the net, all over youtube

    (I mean no disrespect to moderators, I know you guys have zero to do with it, and if EA is forcing the Devs to do this, I would like to know so I can stop supporting EA)

    NBA 2k got greedy and after 18, I have not touched them since, nor will I until I get a free game of the PSN to try. Madden is about to in that same direction.

    I bet I have dropped 10 grand on Madden 19 (I have the extra spending money) so I want some answers.
  • Going viral for all the wrong reasons.


    Over 1 Million gold lost

    It goes on and on, every Madden youtuber is raging.

  • It goes on and on

  • Lol dropped 10 grand on packs... you blame EA but this is on you man. You bought packs.. more and more posts by you saying you spent x amount of $$ and did not get anything..maybe you need to stop buying packs or just stop playing for your own good. Love most of your posts moon but man when you say you spent that much money and are mad, then thats on you buddy.
  • Lol dropped 10 grand on packs... you blame EA but this is on you man. You bought packs.. more and more posts by you saying you spent x amount of $$ and did not get anything..maybe you need to stop buying packs or just stop playing for your own good. Love most of your posts moon but man when you say you spent that much money and are mad, then thats on you buddy.

    I do not blame EA for the amount I spent. That is not an issue, except for the fact they are about to loose my business.

    I am mad for the ENTIRE COMMUNITY, especially those who are not as well off as I am that spent 170 snow for a present and got a 8 snow gold card in return. EA did that KNOWING full well that promo was coming that day, that was no accident or random luck.

    If I spend 100 bucks and get random cards that is on me. I fully understand what I am getting into. I know with a Legend pack I am going to get a Legend.

    But the snow thing was pure robbery. I have gotten plenty of great cards out of other packs (I have a 96 overall, and my bench is probably 94 overall or higher)

    What I am saying is whether I spent 100 dollars, or one hundred thousand dollars is not the issue, the bang for the buck, and fun for the money is the issue.

    And like I said, this isn't just me the entire madden community is raging.

    Also my post in general are about gameplay, and if I spend X for a 95 a 65 should not beat him everyplay.
  • DyeusVita
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    edited December 2018
    Yeah I mean there game does or used to say comic mischief but to put those is presents in lame
  • Today was more like it, at least they were gold + (And I got a Jonathen Ogden Past)
  • CoachDub25_2
    181 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    Its nice to get the perspective of someone that put more than an unreasonable amount of cash into this racket. Especially when they're not just fanboying it up but instead, testifying to what is basically a back alley scam.
    I'm just glad you're able to do that without putting yourself or your family in a dire position. Then I think about people that have compulsive or addictive personalities and wonder how many are out there blowing little Timmy's college fund or Christmas on this garbage.

    Yeah, what people do with their own money is on them. I think that goes without saying so I don't think we need another grandiose voice to state the obvious, as far as that goes. It doesn't mean that EA and Madden shouldn't shoulder some kind of moral responsibility for what they are peddling to the masses.

    We have an obligation, as a society, to look after one another and keep certain standards for the general well-being of everyone. Whether it's a petty crook on the street, or a multimillion dollar corporation, it's on all of us to prevent or deter people from being preyed upon or exploited for financial gain.

    This Ultimate Scheme garbage, and it's less than slim odds associated with making cash purchases in the hope's of receiving an item that might, only might, be worth while...may not even be able to be defined as gambling. At least slot machines are subject to audits and regulation by gaming commissions.

    MUT, with it's less than significant returns for the amounts 'invested', is less legitimate than a Ponzi scheme in my opinion. Even if it were a legit gambling entity, we are still exposing children to it and last time I checked, minors aren't even allowed to enter most Casinos in this country, much less play.

    Then look at all the mistakes and make-rights they've had concerning pack contents, chemistry power-ups, etc. Look at how they sold HoF 'deluxe' versions of the game and how the HoF program has basically netted nothing to those that purchased it other than early access. Look at how they introduced an entirely new currency (snow) to the game for the Xmas/New year program. This list could go on for a few paragraphs in and of itself.

    Things like this tell me that purchasing packs (and the odds therein) is grossly skewed toward lining the shareholder's pockets, rather than the entertainment of the consumers. Just like casinos, it's not profitable for people to win. The less odds of people winning, the more profitable the game is. This is the business model that Madden has adopted. The more people lose, the more money they make.

    They WANT their consumers, their fans, their loyal base, to LOSE!

    The entire industry has flown under the regulatory radar for the most part. I, for one, thought that regulation was unnecessary to this point. Witnessing this pestilence that MUT has become, I've definitely changed my mind on the matter.
  • Without a doubt is needs to be regulated, and at least Casino's comp you when you spend big money. At least you have something to show for it. and you sometimes actually come out on top (And still get comps)

    This is literally entertainment for a year, and then all value is gone. I love the card collection aspect and if the price was reasonable, I do not think anyone would care.

    I can tell you exactly what 10k gets you, a 96 overall team and about every other good player as a backup. That is it. And I do not even play Ultimate solo battles alot due to the cheating AI (I refuse to run the same 2-3 exploit plays, and don't even get me started on online lag, etc).

    These packs which have no real value and cost them nothing should cost a dollar. Maybe 5 dollars for a legend pack at most.

    And I highly recommend that anyone with an addictive or even extremely competitive personality stay the hell away from MUT. Play Franchise, make your own versions of the players for free.

    I can tell you for a fact, that about every 100 dollars you spend, you get maybe 1 92+ card, MAYBE on average, lately it has been better as they have at least included a really good TOTW card or Ice whatever card in the batch. You may get a few other ok cards, but mostly you get tokens to spend for cards for selling/training.

    And what infuriates me the most, is the so called Limited Edition Cards. 10k, I got Andre Reed. No cards that were actual part of upgrade sets (Like TOTW Mack, Cooper, Primetime Kelce)

    And on top of it all, after I spent the training to get my ghost of the past cards leveled up, I had literally dropped about 2 million coins in training on all of them except LOLB Ware. We are talking something like 50k training or even more, 15k+ snow, etc, etc.

    O and just FYI Coachdub, the regulators are coming, they have been given a chance to police themselves this year, they are already illegal in Belgium (Although EA still sells Madden cards there, cause well screw the law lol) and the EU is about to ban them also. Entire divorce lawyers are springing up around Madden and FIFA and the like. And I can tell you virtually every state AG is looking into them along with the Consumer Protection Bureau.

    And it all sucks really. Cause they have a fun game, a fun card collection game, a great concept, but greed, and making 650 million just off MUT is going to be there downfall.

  • Moonreaver11
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    And you got to quicksell about 5 92's at 4200 a pop to even train what the lmt edition card would give.
  • CoachDub25_2
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    edited December 2018
    I think I've spent 70-80 bucks extra in MUT. I dropped a 20 each for TOTW Mahomes, Tyreek, and 93 blitz Tyreek, and then a 5 or 10 a couple times at most. I'm done for a while. The fact that those TOTWs has a better version come out around a month later just reassures me that $40 worth of fireworks would have given me more enjoyment and longer term satisfaction.

    It's not like I don't have the money to where I could drop a few hundred every couple weeks, I just won't do it. For starters, I don't think the game is worth the 60 I paid to get it out of the glass case at the store. It's just too cheesy and too many things are plain cartoon goofball rubbish. I expected a certain amount of silliness when I was 12 years old and playing Madden on Sega Genesis. But I'm not a child anymore so I expect a more realistic simulation experience in this day and age.

    Cheeseball gameplay and spamming every available exploit doesn't do it for me. I was over all that by Madden '99 on Nintendo 64. It was around this time when I had to start forcing myself to play a realistic game against the CPU and my buddies and I had unwritten rules, a G code if you will, to where we would play against each other with some amount of honor and integrity.

    I still have fun playing Madden when I get paired with a like-minded competitor. Problem is that it is such a rarity to get that matchup online. I even have fun getting stomped if I'm getting beat by someone that I just can't figure out. It's when I have to spend a half hour defending exploits or using cheese exploits to beat exploits that is lame. Win or lose, it's a total drag and typically just causes me to not want to play for the rest of the evening.

    $120 for any bundle that only has a certain probability of containing player cards that may or may not be worth while, is just scandalous. The 20s that I dropped, I knew for sure would get me most of the way toward the particular guys I was going for. 20 for a temporary player is still way too much. Then the fact that a lot of these temp players have to be combined with an extortionate amount of training points for the power-ups is outrageous. And at the end of it all, the dang power-ups are only going to amount to being 1 whole OVR better than the highest rated card. So, the real value of power-ups is negligible after initially getting them to 88-89 OVR or whatever.

    The auction house is shady. I tend to believe that most of the players listed there are for sale by the system and not by actual humans. The asking prices there are also exorbitant. Let's just say someone is getting 2,000 coins for an H2H seasons win. So then equate 100 wins to 200k coins. Are we seriously expected to believe that 100 online wins should be equivalent to one single 90-91 OVR player? And then are we supposed to believe that same coin value is anywhere near equivalent to even 1000 training points? I think not. Not even close.

    This is why I was asking them about the 91 OVR Kareem Hunt primetime card being undervalued at a meager 4350 training points. Most of the people that actually pulled that card, had most likely sank 1-2-300 bucks into buying packs to get it. So we are supposed to believe that 4350 training has a cash value of like 200 dollars? MUT economics is whack as (fill in the blank)!

    I agree with you that a 5 or 10 dollar bill should net people something that's remotely desirable. I'd personally be willing to give them more of my money if I could just pay for what I wanted and not just be taking a shot in the dark.

    I wouldn't even call foul if there were a set up like a lot of the F2P or subscription MMOs to where I could buy a 'boost' that upped my coins and/or training and/or chemistry by 30% or something, for a certain time period or amount of games played.

    The only reason I even play MUT is because the game has been stagnant for several years now. Franchise is just exhausting and running one solo is either too easy on All-Pro, or I'm relegated to having to just spam the cheese on All-Madden. Then the CFMs typically advance too slowly. Every 48 hrs means we are taking 5-6 weeks to get through a season. I'm sorry but putting forth the effort to building a franchise only to be in the 6th or 7th season by the time the next Madden release is totally not worth my time.

    The game just needs something fresh that isn't an all out cash grab. A complete overhaul of the engine, to eliminate the cheese, exploits, and overall cartoon silliness, would be nice. But, for the time being, I would settle for an online career/team play mode that is completely separate from MUT.
  • Moonreaver11
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  • Repeat on 11/23

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