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Immersive create a player

Would be cool to create a player & take on others


  • Imagine if you choose coach you start as a coordinator, get 5 games warm up/train/assessment then you get offered HC/coordinator positions

    Player: you get the last 5 games of their college career & then you get drafted

    Owner: you get an expansion team

    Whole time game is assessing you on reaction time of buttons, play calls(diversity, logic set ups), stick skills, reading & reacting skill etc to give your created person a whole host of ratings/grades that can help fine tune vs ai experience & h2h
  • What’s broken:

    The basic concept of how you guys make the game “hard” is complete cheating & in all honesty it’s what breaks your games physics in all game modes
  • I'd like the see the game face feature brought back, where you can upload a picture and have your actual face on your created player or coach. I remember one previous madden had it and 2k has it
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