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2am Hawaii time 11/23 present purchase/Heads up

So just an FYI to everyone, I bought with coins 2, 7200 snow players tonight my time.

Out of 15,000 snow, I got 2 large presents, and a few medium with pokodots, a few small, and the rest were all extra small.

So FYI buyer beware, odds are horrible. I knew they were, I just wanted to get it on video. Especially after the 17 gold cards for 170 snow a piece that were worth 8-10 snow a piece.

O and I got a 91 Steve Smith and a 88 Zack Martin out of the 12000 point super bowl 99 card pack. That does not mean you will, just letting you all know. Got several 85-87 though, mostly gold in Elite and Silver in Clutch. (I generally despise clutch packs)

Now cross your fingers and hope the Super Bowl MVP is not some unknown chump lol. I do hope this comes with an upgrade pack and training in order to max the card out.

I am going to start filming and posting the results for the benefit of everyone, so you know what you are getting into. Please note my youtube I post on is not monetized, so I am not making one penny off this.


  • As of right now I have 331 collectibles, Minus every TOTW token, Super Bowl 99 token, and a few gold and silver cards. So we will have a big sample size the next week.
  • Please feel free to share your results and luck. Good or bad. I want the entire story.
  • 11/23 present rip off. 17 gold cards and 4 Tarik Cohens...…………../facepalm

  • So just to be fair, after I quicksold todays presents I wound up with 5,969 snow (I think I started with 5 snow for the day)
  • Moonreaver11
    337 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    Here is the 11/24 presents (Actually had only 11 presents today) Basically got 3k training. Which is what, a 91 quicksell? Pretty pathetic. 3k training was alot during release, it is one level up now if that.

    Thankfully I got lucky and got 1 RNG large that was Suh, which I was quite happy as I worked really hard to get his diamond, which has been irrelevant for a while.

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  • Moonreaver11
    337 posts Member
    edited December 2018
    #1 The 12000 point Christmas pack is highway robbery. I got a large present and a bunch of small ones, along with gold player packs that had 5 cards gold and silver...……………..really EA? Merry Christmas to you too.

    #2 The other presents were simply low and mid elites, which once again, for the value, horrible.

    #3 I saw the MUT Christmas gift and I thought, wow well at least this is nice for new players...…………………..and then I saw they turn into 68's on 1/8. Funny that Christmas bundle sums MUT teams up more then I ever could. Here is a present...………….buuuuuttttttt, you need to buy it after 1/8 or do 600 solos which will give you cards outdated anyways.

    I honestly have no idea how you people sleep at night. I hope as you sit with your families for Christmas you think about the millions of people across the world you are ripping off daily.
  • Small sample size the past couple of days, I did receive one 93 future card.

    I have 400 presents coming up the next few days though, so I will keep you informed.
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