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When will EA fix the game?

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EA, when will you fix the double crossers on the game... It doesnt matter what coverage you play one crosser gets open and we only have one user. Outside coverage doesnt work, cover 4 doesnt work, cover 3 doesnt work, shading up doesnt work, shading down doesnt work so what can we do against someone spamming the play over and over.. 6-7 years ago the ai would have the intelligence to recognize they're doing the same play over and over and would adjust to it...

Also why cant I challenge a play???? Arent challenges part of the game?? Why cant I challenge??

Why does vick always get a incomplete pass when getting sacked but other quarterbacks get sacked or fumble???

Why do receivers drop passes when making possession catches halfway in their animation by getting hit sticked??

When will a flat route on the same side of a running back be able to cover the table route out of the backfield instead of realizing its a table route 5 yards later???

When will you fix the game??????

Not only asking for myself but for millions of madden players across the world....

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  • I also wonder why a ball that travels nowhere and never had a throwing animation just falls to the ground without it being a fumble. It’s amazing the outs they give Vick users
  • 96 ovr Steve young, low throw on a curl just past the first down... pressure time & he skips it to him

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