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Solo battles suck

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Gave me a lose on a game I didn’t even play or even see up on the screen to play but just put me out of reach for the ultimate rank and now I lose a touchdown pack and trophies this is sum nonsense1lbjdse4lf3j.jpeg

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  • This needs to stop. The same thing happened to me!! Went in to play solo battles and there’s only 3 games. This is no mistake. This does not keep happening because of some glitch!! It being done on purpose. It has happened to many times. It’s not fair plain and simple!!!
  • agreed, I also missed out on this, so annoying!
  • Guys, they already commented and said they are working on it.
  • And it’s not really helpful to people who play to be in the top 100
  • WakaWakaMan12340
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    Yes same thing with weekend league I literally am 86 overall and I go against 96 overalls its just not fair

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  • I gave up trying to get top 100. I got top 70-100 for the first six weeks or so pretty steadily now I usually end up less than 1000 points from 100th and all that does it make Hulk angry. I don't wanna do that. Once I get ultimate rewards I just switch to all pro now.
  • JacobSF80
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    Leave it up to EnoughAlready to mess up even solo game modes .. #rockstar>
  • The fact people still play these solo battles amuses me. I stopped for months and played one today. Ran the perfect scheme and the computer just cheeses/cheats you. Triple broken tackles, 90 speed CBs playing off getting burned by 85 speed by miles. I get they nerf your players to make it harder, but that's dumb in itself. Its literally the worst game experience and the rewards are subpar. When a game becomes more annoying than challenging you've programmed it wrong. But EA has been voted year in and year out as the most hated game company. Oh well here's to Madden 2020 the next worst Madden they'll ever put out.
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