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2 Long-running PS4 Leagues have Cards, Colts and Bills Open

PFL, our stock roster league, has Cards and Colts open. We are in Season 2 and expect to play 5 seasons. This is a sim, PS4 league that has been operating continuously since 2003. We are proud to have a super cool custom website on Daddy Leagues. https://daddyleagues.com/PFL You can click on teams in the navigation bar and see the roster for Colts and Cards. We advance every 3 to 4 days and have mature owners. We used discord to communicate and u can reach me on discord at mfrizzzz#5986 if you want to join the fun. Our second league, PFL Fantasy, also in Season 2 has Bills open. It has a separate custom website at https://daddyleagues.com/PFLFAN Hit me up on Discord at mfrizzzz#5986 if you want to join.
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