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PFL - Looking for owners (PC/COACH MODE League)

An invitation to join the longest running PC/Coach mode Madden league on the internet!

The Paydirt Football league has been in existence since 2000. Started as a FBPro98 league, had a 10-year run with Madden 08. Now using Madden’19, Paydirt has always been a model for fair and realistic gameplay. Great care has always been taken to ensure the most realistic results from gameplay. This combined with great team owners, management from the Commissioner and a “by the book” approach had led to Paydirt being hugely popular.

League Specs:
- 32 NFL teams using real life players.
- Coach Mode, you call the plays, audible etc. but do not control the players at all after the snap.
- Platform = PC
- 1 game per week, meaning we advance the week on Tuesdays and typically play two seasons per real life year. Live rookie drafts and free agent bidding periods.
- Week 01 Rosters of the Real NFL

You call the plays and manage your rosters, trade and build a championship team. We are a league of mature adults who prefer the thinking man’s game rather than the thumb jockey approach.
If you are like-minded, visit the new website at: www.daddyleagues.com/paydirt and fill out the form to join up.

We are in Preseason Wk 03

Thank you,
The Paydirt Football League.

2 Open Teams
Steelers & Eagles


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