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Rookie Level vs All Pro Level

Sometimes I create a thread just to put an idea out there. It's not like I actually expect EA to read it and go "whoa... that guy knows what he's talking about. Let's implement that idea now!"

Anyway, we all kind of know that rookie vs AM is pretty much determined by the amount of "****" that occurs. A 99 rated DL will be manhandled by a 50 rated OL and stuff like that. On a similar note, what drives me the most insane about this game is psychic defense. We all know what this is: if I call a go route with my fast receiver, the AI will just so happen to be in a cover 2 defense. If I call a slant route w/ my WR, the AI will just so happen to be playing an underneath zone w/ the LBs (I tested this once by calling like 12 strait slants and EACH TIME either a lineman or a LB was in an underneath zone). If I call a toss play, the AI will just so happen to be in a wide 9.

I'm not even mad about it... well, yeah, hence this thread. My solution is simple. Regardless of skill level I use, make all the players actually play to what their ratings suggest (what a noble concept.) On the default level, the AI calls it's game plan based on the situation and adjusts to repetitive plays (though I must say that this makes me nervous. So I call I slant on the first play of the game and another one in the 4th quarter... will the AI 'adjust'?)

Rookie level vs AM level is where you find the psychic defense. On Rookie level, the ai will 'guess' your plays 5% of the time (or 10, whatever) while on AM, the ai will 'guess' your play 40% of the time (or 50%... whatever... the number is flexible). The point is that this way, the EA developers get to keep their psychic defense tendency for those who want it while giving us a 'realistic' level.

For the love of God, please do something because while there are some who complain about player likeness or shoulder pads, actual gameplay is what I focus on. That, and an immersive franchise mode--- a thread on that later.


  • I rarely call a slant because it seems to me anytime I call it the ROLB and LOLB both drop perfectly in front of it. It almost feels like the AI just cheats. Like the old days when your buddy looked at your hand when you called a play on tecmo bowl.
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