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Settings option for changing view in game

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edited January 2019
Seriously why is this not there to begin with?
Yes you can change with up and down... BUUUUUUT...
On pc.. my controller died.. when i plugged it back in it switched profiles or whatever and my view was messed up...it also turned off the setting to change the view with up and down.. and for whatever reason my page up/down wont change the view.. and my scroll wheel only toggled it between super close and super far (and sideways on offense) i dunno how i managed to get a semi playable view back during the game.. but its a simple option setting that should be there..


  • The random turning off and on of the up/down view change has happened more than once too... having a setting in the in game options would have saved a lot of frustration... i didnt get last years, but this is the first madden i have played in 20+ years that doesnt have a the view change option in setting during a game (at least in mut) and it has cause aggravation on more than one occasion..
  • RvltScreamNShout
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    edited January 2019
    Also on the same note... the views are all awful. What happened to custom views? Every year expect more, get less... everyone has widescreen tvs/monitors.. cant fully see sideline to sideline in any of the views... seriously?
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