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Solo Challenge Crash Issue

posts Member
edited January 2019
Having some issues with certain solo challenge issue where on some challenges, the game stops on the challenge loading screen for a few minutes and then procedes to crash here on after. Anyone else getting the same problem?


  • wilcop7
    4 posts New member
    Solo challenges cheating me out of wins! I win the challenge and when the game ends EA servers disconnect me...no connections issues during the games
  • EA_Blueberry
    4641 posts EA Community Manager

    Sorry to hear about you getting disconnected from the challenges, I know some of them can be tough to beat too. Is it happening at random or after every game? Some players that haven't received credit from challenges (or disconnected) have been able to fix this by resetting their lineup to best overall and switching out their uniform from Team Visuals.
  • wilcop7
    4 posts New member
    I’m beating the challenges with ease...The problem is it blocks me from accessing the last 4 Turkey Bowl challenges...the last time I accessed it I beat it and then it kicked me off before I got credit for the game!
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