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Wildcard predictions topper tokens unavailable to use in current round?

I purchased the 5k mc 10x playoff bundle last week but didn’t use the 4 additional predictions that were in the topper. Are you going to convert those to be able to be used in the current round? EA live help referred me to here after they restored the topper this evening but the tokens were still unavailable to use. There wasn’t a mention that they would expire, so I thought I could use them this week.


  • nmy8nwc2k7rc.png
    Screenshots of what I’ve spent and what is available currently.
  • Can you grant me the topper for the current 10x playoff bundle since the one last week didn’t work? That would give me the same amount of prediction tokens as those I am not able to use currently. It seems fair. Please let me know. Thank you
  • Can anyone help me out here? I would appreciate not having to miss out on another week of prediction perfection bonuses because I’m waiting for an answer again. EA help sends me here and I can’t seem to get a response or acknowledgement of my issue but I see others getting help. Not sure what’s going on. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks
  • EA_David
    307 posts Community Manager
    Sorry, I don't have any tools that can convert the tokens, and the week 1 tokens can't be used with week 2.

    I'm not sure if that will change with future predictions, if I can get any info on this I will let you know.
  • @EA_David thanks for looking into it. I wish something would have been mentioned that they couldn’t be used in later weeks. I would never have bought that pack when I did. I’m a more than a little disappointed that I can’t use the things I’ve bought, but I guess it is what it is.
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