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Playoff Predictor Bonus Page

176 posts Member
edited January 12
Hey David, when does this page reset to the current games being played this weekend?
Mine is still showing the first weekend of playoffs
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  • EA_David
    307 posts Community Manager
    edited January 11
    I think it will roll over when the matches end, we want to make sure those that won the 300 bonus tokens get a chance to claim them.

    I don't know the exact timing, if I can find it i'll let you know.
  • Hi David, I had extra predictor tokens from the last round that i have lost. They did not have an expiry so is there anything I can do/
  • @philjbones I have the same issue. I’m hoping someone will respond to my thread and get this corrected for everyone while we can still collect the exchange items. If I get a response on my thread from someone before you do, I’ll let you know. Best of luck
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