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4 losses from nowhere on Solo battles.

As the title says, I woke up this morning with 4 losses out of nowhere on Solo Battles. I had beaten all teams on ultimate and now due to the 4 losses I will be lucky if I can even hit elite.

That it like 100k coins lost and 7 trophies.

Also still need to be made right on my Champ Bailey card Glitching. 200k Coin and several thousand training.

Fixing people's problems cost you all nothing, returning my 200k coins cost you nothing. Entering me into a free card giveaway cost you nothing.

meanwhile I spent 5k on Madden in December alone.

And another meanwhile, it has cost you 175+ dollars per day since as I have not spent a dime on this game.


  • Those 4 losses caused me to finish with 199,000 Battle points for some reason, and rather then Ultimate, I am getting gold rewards this week.

    This is really annoying for those of us who live in remote places and the only way we can get trophies to upgrade coach madden is solo battles.

    Is this going to be fixed or do I need to make a ticket?
  • I just spoke with EA chat, and of course they cannot do anything.

    So am I just screwed out of 6 trophies and a hundred k + coins?
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