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Online Season Game Cheaters

8 posts Member
edited May 2019
Players Cheating playing on this Skill Level I honestly don’t feel right down here but players Blowing my Team Out has me Quite Offended & there Accounts should not be allowed this Low destroying everybody ruining ALL OPPONENTS they Face GAME EXPERIENCE over EA MADDEN 19 NOW...

I was ALL MADDEN 1ST STRING now knocked down to ALL PRO 2ND STRING & running into Cheaters RUINS ONLINE GAME EXPERIENCE OVER EA SPORTS MADDEN ‘19kr7t5x6qt6ux.jpg

Currently ALL PRO 2nd String

Cheaters need forced to go only so Low or Buy new Account to play so low until discovered they cheat & Accounts Suspended & Closed after 1 Warning or Two Warnings
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  • Lol dude, stop complaining. Just play better. You blew a team out by 63 and you barely lost your first game. I’m positive you’re beatable. How do I know? You wouldn’t be on here complainig about it if you weren’t. Just make adjustments and be better.
  • ElSharknado501
    39 posts Member
    edited April 2019
    My account got suspended cause i called a guy out on cheese play....he cussed the whole game on his headset, so at the end of the game, i sent him a message saying he was overrated and maybe i threw in a few other words....so guess what? he tattles on me and I got suspended for a week. smh

    [Removed swearing]
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  • EA_Roger
    1482 posts EA Community Manager
    @ElSharknado501 ,

    I've edited your post, don't purposely bypass the forum swear filter, this is against our rules, if you have any questions about that you can DM me.

    If your account is suspended this was done via the PS/Xbox system not through EA as you messaged him there and he reported you there, as such you need to discuss it with them directly. I will also add that in my own experience Sony or Microsoft don't suspend accounts for minor swearing. This is probably not the first person that has reported you.


  • ElSharknado501
    39 posts Member
    edited May 2019
    Not sure what's considering minor swearing and major swearing.....perhaps if you guys did your job and monitored the users on headsets, there wouldn't be any issues.


    PSN Customer.
  • Yea just have to get use to it....theres always somebody thats better, somebody that glitches and or somebody who spent hundreds or thousands on their team.....it wont stop ......someone will always figure out a way to manipulate the game
  • EA_Roger
    1482 posts EA Community Manager
    @ElSharknado501 , a swear word was blocked out and you used symbols to bypass the swear filter which is obviously against our forum rules. If you want to discuss that aspect of your post further hit me up via DM as it is against the rules to discuss moderation on the forum.

    As far as I'm aware any communication going through the Sony or Microsoft network is monitored by them and not us. I'll also add that when you encounter these individuals it is best to not respond in kind as this would mean your behavior isn't better than theirs.
  • "I'll also add that when you encounter these individuals it is best to not respond in kind as this would mean your behavior isn't better than theirs."

    This is true.

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