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Can anyone help me pass?

Second year in all pro franchise mode. I have the top defense every year and the worst offense every year. I throw multiple interceptions every game and rarely make it past about 17 points. Lots of games with no points. What am I missing???


  • Just lost 6-3 in overtime...
  • Find a scheme that matches your team, for example if you have quick small WR's you should be running crossing routes or slants. However if you have big body WR's you want to run curls or flats especially if you going against smaller DB's. When playing users THROW AWAY from the user or run a scheme where the user has to choose to cover one route and leave another open.,
  • Firstly do the tutorials and drills each day on BOTH offense and defense. Wwork hard doing them repeatedly each day for an hour before you play. After you understand the buttons you can turn off the tutorials and just run the drills. I would work mainly on offense for now since that's where your struggling. Then practice your plays. Find your bread and butter plays for short, medium, and long range runs and passes. Then later when your used to the offense set your audibles how you want them. If you've played awhile then you've probably got a good idea what audibles you prefer. Then in games try to make plays that are not your bread and butter plays as much as possible. Try to save your best plays for crucial plays and or drives. For example your doing no huddled and or 2 minute drills. Or on 3rd and fourth down plays. If you do all that stay positive, focused, and never tilt, you'll start improving on offense. Eventually if you try to play plays that aren't your bread and butter plays for most of your plays you'll start gainin more and more bread and butter plays. You'll become harder and harder to stop. Be sure to focus on what formations they are in and make note of their tendencies in those formations and exploit them. For instance if they are in the dime I will go into no huddle and run the ball north and south on them until I either score with ease or they call a time out. Be sure to sub out that back to rest for a bit after. Each game I'll run at least 3 different backs to keep them all well rested. That pays off late in games often. Always look at the rosters. Learn your players attributes. Find out who your power backs are, who your speedy backs, and all purpose backs are. Which ones catches best, who are your speed recievers, who are your clutch recievers. What are your players best moves. If a running back has a great juke move, or spin move is his best move remember that. Use it. In your drills to start I would work hardest on your running drills and your pass catching drills the most until you feel you've mastered them then start mixing in the other drills. In practices be sure each time your practice advanced settings as all pro which is the same as head to head play. Then I would practice both runs and passes focusing hardest on passing until I have the timing mastered on passing plays. Remember too each qb and each team might run plays at a little different timing. Qbs arm strengths are different. I could go on and on. These are just some of the foundation bricks you want to build on. It should help you greatly if you focus on these things then just play play play.as time goes on the rest will be learned through game experience
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