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Question about $100 Nat Super Bowl MVP card

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So just one question about the Super Bowl nat card we purchased a while back.

What will happen, for instance, I already have a 99 Todd Gurley, if Todd Gurley were to win MVP? I know that is a big what if, but it would sorta be 100 down the drain. And it being Nat I would get 1/2 value or less on training? Could we like exchange it for a Super Bowl Fantasy pack and pick a player or we want? (I figure you will do a SB promo)

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  • EA_Roger
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    That is indeed a big "if". Honestly it's not the kind of thing we would be able to hypnotize on unless he actually wins MVP however should that be the case and we do anything on the back-end I'll let you know.
  • Awesome, thank you so much for the update I, I really appreciate it.
  • So in a way, this sorta happened. With the 97 Julian turning into a 98 tomorrow, when that is added to the power up card it becomes a 99 anyways (Like Gurley). So the 99 is sorta, well 100 dollars wasted. Would it be possible to ask the devs if we could trade it for a Nat card or something? I would be tickled even to have for instance, my Franco Harris turned into a 99 rather then 98 with chems.

    Or maybe a special training. I know it is a NAT card, but maybe we could get full value training out of the 99? It just sorta stinks since Julian is going to be a 99 already if you had the 97 (Which becomes a 98 cause they won, and 99 with power up card).

    Unless the double 99 adds lots of speed :-)
  • Just wanted to let you guys know I like what you did with the card, allowing it to power up the 99 to 2 more speed and it also being a 500k quicksell if we wanted. Made for a short but faster Jerry Rice.
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