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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: November Title update

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Madden NFL 19 - January Title Update


  • panipun
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    edited January 2019
    Fix these poor mechanics. ie: players dumbing out all the time! And i havent seen spin moves like this since Sonic the Hedgehog!
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  • I was excited when the game came to PC for the first time in a long time. However, I am as inclined to play Madden 09 on my PS2, because the gameplay has not improved since then. Too many glitchy moments for a game and the player progression model is awful and doesn't respond to player performance enough.
  • I just can’t believe that that we are on PS4 and there are still so many features and gameplay that are better on PS2. Yes the graphics look better on PS4 but that’s it.

    Gameplay better
    Much better play by play commentary
    Franchise mode better
    Player Progression better.
    Create ability better wether it was player teams plays ect..
    Have a dam audio bank like NFL2K and NBA2K has
    Depth chart I should be able to play my QB at any position exc...
    Playbooks why not have access to custom playbooks when editing team play book. And vice versa.
    Have more realistic draft classes

    I could go on and on. Scary part is I’m sure PS5 is coming soon and you guys will strip down madden again than market “new features “.
  • Here's an idea, EA, how about you fix the completely broken coaches contracts in Franchise mode?! Every year you have to resign a coach, despite signing him for multiple years. You shouldn't have to resign a coach every single year when he's on a 3 year contract. This has been an issue dating back to Madden 16. How is this still occurring?!
  • since this last update I snap the ball on the pass play and the just QB throws the ball for me to what looks like the last receiver on the route tree. These fix a few things, mess up a few others are unnerving. Fix your game. LB's still can troll near the line of scrimmage or just beyond and leap up and lurk passes intended 20 yards beyond them or the game has the QB inexplicably throw right into usered defenders despite the receiver already beating or well beyond that defender. The blocking is atrocious as well. Defenders just blowing through walls of multiple blockers and then just tons of half hearted block only for the defender to be pushed right into the runner but then there's times blockers blast off the line and unrealistically get to the 2nd level in an instant and suction block my defender. There's no balance.
  • Igb30
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    edited January 2019
    I would really appreciate it if you guys could bring back Legends being accessible in CFM this was an underrated feature
  • Igb30 wrote: »
    I would really appreciate it if you guys could bring back Legends being accessible in CFM this was an underrated feature

    And make the announcers say their names.
  • What is up with mut teams i cant join why anyone else having a problem
  • My suggestion is to bring back multiplayer online modes that you used to have in previous editions of madden. Only being able to play together online in one mode in the entire game is a huge let down and was the reason a lot of my friends didn't buy it this year. My suggestion:

    -Add the ability to invite a friend to play with you in a game vs CPU in at least play now mode or even export a CFM game to be played with a friend online

    In some of the previous years you were actually able to export a franchise game mode online to play with a friend as co-op or head to head and have it count in the franchise mode, so why not bring that back or at least bring back the squad play for more than just Ultimate Team like you used to have as well. Madden used to be on the cutting edge of multiplayer experiences, but now it seems to have regressed and grown stagnant.

    Some friends that are fans of the same team want to play a Franchise together online

    Playing together on a franchise is possible via local co-op on the same computer, but not online. If not this game, then the next edition of Madden. I can assure you there is a demand for sports co-op, NBA games have been innovative in that regard, while Madden for years has had only Ultimate Team and ignored franchise mode and the co-op experience. Please remedy this.
  • Injuries are 100% broken! in CPU vs CPU games even with the setting at 100 there are none.
  • Fix the damn blockshedding. In practice the D-line is almost unstoppable and you can't get a pass off or run the ball but in the game you get zero pressure. I shouldn't have to turn pass rush to aggressive and user a lineman just to get sacks or any type of pressure period.
  • Fake field goal runs don’t count as touchdowns, but rather touchbacks.

    Im sure you know that Sky Kick is booting kicks out of the stadium and kickoffs in general go to deep into the end zone.
  • Whenever I play gauntlet I get to the boss battle and when I score a td it’s says I haven’t and it the mouse trap I score with seconds left and it says I’ve ran out of time when I haven’t
  • Things to add into Franchise

    Please add in a name bank for created players and make it universal. Announcers don’t say defensive names for custom draft. Should say names especially for big plays like sacks Ints TFL touchdowns. Can’t be that hard.

    Bring back create plays!

    Bring back legend coaches playbooks.

    Create a team

    Allow players to play different positions like QB at rb/WR

    Career stats.

    Hall of fame

    All pro team

    Fix the XP!

    Better draft classes

  • joebukilla
    2 posts New member
    edited February 2019
    Can you please add some logic in the randomization of receiving NAT cards please!!! I hate collecting 125 trophies only to get the same stupid NAT card 2 times in a row. I can't resell it or trade it, and its coin/training is devalued; why would you give me the same one! [Removed profanity]
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  • Why doesn’t commentary say defensive drafted players they say offensive. It would be nice to at least her that players last name said on big plays like sacks INTs big hits tackles for less. Come on EA 2020 let’s catch up with the times and put in an audio name bank like 2K has.
  • I really am wondering if the game developers are working on letting 2 or more people be on the same team in online franchise mode because I really am hoping they are and I am wondering how to reach out to them because I think this would be a really cool feature to the game.
  • Bring back pro bowl game in m20. I feel as if the overall idea isn't what it potentially could be like at least make it so we know how good they are instead of It stopping at 99. Better Scouting would be great. I'd like to get offensive and defensive coordinators in as well so we can see them on the sideline and hire, resign, or fire. Television show presentation like 2k but for everything including scouting like sportscenter so it puts 2k even farther out of the competition. Much love and stay safe. Rip Edwin Jackson
  • I would like to see a more realistic injury experience with big hits at least show concussion prone hits taking the player out automatically for a breather an recovery thank me later
  • WilliamB3rd
    1 posts New member
    EA Sports,

    Have a suggestion/idea for franchise mode and relocation.
    Can you have better or customizable options for team nicknames when a franchise relocates? The NHL game's franchise mode does a great job with this, so I see no reason Madden couldn't do the same or something more than what's already in play. If you want to keep pre-scripted choices, how about mixing them up. Here are a few examples, but I have more:

    London - Knights (no need to add a color)
    - Royals
    Portland - Pioneers (sounds better with Portland than Salt Lake City) and make one of their colors green
    - Wolves
    Memphis - Showboats
    San Antonio - Gunslingers
    - Marshals (should only have one L in the name, this has been a long-standing typo)
    Toronto - Wolves
    St. Louis - Stallions
    - Sentinels (though this name does sound OK with Orlando, like it is now)
    Oklahoma City - Stampede
    - Outlaws

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