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Weekend League | Monthly Weekend League Rewards - January

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Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

We wanted to provide you a quick update on the Monthly Weekend League Rewards for the month of January. This information will be updated in game later this week.

Below is a breakdown of the January Monthly Rewards for Weekend League.



Please note that January MUT Champs Rewards are based on a 4 week period and the number of wins have been adjusted accordingly.

Next week we will update this forum post with more details around which Program will apply to the Reward 1 and Reward 3 Tiers. Stay tuned.

We are planning to have the rewards go out on Tuesday, February 5th pending no issues. We will make sure to post the exact time the Monthly WL Rewards will start to roll out in a future forum post. If we have any delays for an unforeseen reason, we will let you know.


1/29/2019 9:05PM ET Update: January Monthly Weekend League Rewards for Rewards 1 and Reward 3 Tiers have been updated.
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