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Fix these issues

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What the hell are the guys at EA doing every day? giving Kamara arm tape? who cares. I want cover 4 drop show 2 to not stuff the run like a wall, and cover every single inch of the field in zones. But when I run a goal line.... GOAL LINE blitz i get freaking gashed by HB dives. Fix deep crossers, man cannot cover them, zone cant, half the time my corners are playing dosey do in the endzone together even though my opponent is on the 50 and theres not a single route in their area code. And how come Tyreek Hill can moss my 6'3" Richard sherman, but my 6'5" Kelce cant catch an open slant route? This game is straight garbage, I am literally getting out my playstation 2 to play madden 7 when the game was good.

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  • So the people at EA can change peoples threads, but not answer the questions...... LOL
  • What this man posted is spot on... the game is very bad... the nerf interior dline so bad that you cant stop the inside zones.. you cant stop crosser.. play action pass pass blocking is over powered... i stop buying add packs in mut... i would spend 100 every 2 weeks but the game play is so bad i refuse buy ... aggressive block n aggressive catching is way over powered
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