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EFL MUT Squads 3v3 league

Elite Football League aka EFL, has been around since team play began 7 or so years ago. We haven't had private matchmaking in years, but finally it was added back this madden. Our community used to run with 500-600 players in the league at one time. We are just finishing our beta season 1 and Season 2 will be starting within the next 2 weeks.

Some information if interested:
- We run the league through our website - www.eliteteamplay.com
- There are roster limitations, only 3 95+ overall players on each side of the ball and your overall team cap cannot be higher that an 87 overall. There is a lot more info on the site.
- We have a groupme to find practice games and to communicate with the other owners, players, and staff.
- There is a bidding process for owners to get their rosters together. Tryouts for full lines and individual players are held daily.
- Season 2 will run with 12 teams and 2 lines per team. It's a 4 week season with games played Sunday-Wednesday from 9pm-11pm EST.

If you are interested in joining the community or just have questions in general feel free to contact me or my staff on xbox.

Commissioner - Abyss LL
Staff - Th3 R3al3st 260
Staff - xxMarcdogxx

We can help you get on the site and groupme and explain anything you have questions on.


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