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Home field advange/ Crowd noise

Make home field advantage a factor make it to where the home crowd is so load it’s hard for the away team to call audibles and snap the ball, and give defensive player the ability to pump up the crowd. Take the NFC championship game between the New Orleans Saints and LA Rams for example. The Saints fans and the Dome was rocking you could definitely see the advantage of having home field


  • A stadium ranking system would be great for franchise/owner mode toughest places to 32-1.

    it will help the gameplay from a realistic standpoint especially playing in places like Century Link, Lambeau Field, Arrowhead Stadium and Mercedes-Benz Superdome as you mentioned.

    Sports Authority Field at Mile High fatigue should play a hand in the mountains plus making FG distance easily.

    It's a few more places where the fans get the best of the opposing team or weather will have an affect on the outcome of the game it would be nice to see that in Madden play now and franchise modes.

    PS: bring back the ability to pump up the crowd.
  • That would be amazing!! Great idea!!!!
  • I remember this Feature being in NCAA! It was a good idea unfortunately Good ideas is not what this game is based on. It’s based on Fantasy players from the past (MUT) that’s ALL they seem to care about at this Specific time! (2 ThumBs down)
  • I totally agree... I believe a home field advantage feature for franchise would add to the mode and bring more realism and mean something to have home playoff games. Also, for the teams with a low home ranking it would allow for teams with a big following like the Cowboys and Steelers to have more of their fans in the crowd. This would make the popularity feature in franchise mean a lot more. If your team has high popularity then you can have more fans in an opposing teams stadium to remove some of their home field advantage.
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