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Woke up and magically had 4 solo battle losses

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So as the subject says, woke up from being undefeated Ultimate Solo battle wins, to having 4 losses. I finished the last 2 of the first set this morning and was able to refresh just fine, but it refreshed it past the 2nd refresh to the 3rd refresh.............

So do we have to do all the solos before the reset each time now? if so that is a bit annoying, especially as I have to rely on solo battles to get trophy due to my geographical location one earth. It is going to cost me a good 6 trophies and put off getting a Madden upgrade for at least another week barring no glitches.

This is really annoying guys. PLEASE just make all Solo battles available from day 1, and give us the entire week to do them, this refresh stuff has been costing people losses since the game launched.

This removes all chance of top 100 and maybe even hitting Ultimate.....sigh.


  • Same thing happened to me last week. Apparently, you have to at least finish the first 4 games before Friday, otherwise it just skips over the middle group of four, goes right to the last 4 and gives you four losses. Ugh...
  • I think I had already refreshed mine too. Not sure why they cannot make them all available all week so people can just play the game when they have time.

    I quit WOW because it became a job and my life had to revolve around it, please do not make Madden Mut teams a job.
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