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11am eastern time challenge for 1 hour only? Really?

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Guys with all due respect, as someone who lives in Hawaii, speaking also for Alaska, and the west coast. I hope you understand I am making this post because I am passionate about this game and because I care. If I did not I would just say "O well, onto the next game".

The entire world does not revolve around Orlando Florida. Why in the world would you run a special solo and tell people to make sure they have their MUT rewards ready for one hour based upon 11am eastern time?

Everytime you do this, you guys annoy every customer you have who either does not live on eastern time, or who is working. You all have to start thinking about ALL of your customers not just your east coast ones. This is not 1989. You all need to be thinking on a National scale, and then a global scale. You are a public and traded company on Wall Street..........and you won't let people give you money

I have never saw a company with such a great money making gig leave hundreds of millions on the table because they do not consider time zones for sales, and making sure each customer has an equal opportunity to participate in all your content.

Do you have any idea what it is like to drop tens of thousands of dollars on a game, and then continually be treated like this? Or to even drop 20 dollars on this game and miss out on fun things like this. This is a video game, it is suppose to be FUN not stressfull!

I would really like to hear from a Developer on why you think having a one hour window for 1 time zone is a good idea? it is so downright dumb from a business point of view it boggles my mind. People have surgeries, work, troops are overseas in combat, and cannot play until later that night, and you alienate 2 hundred million people.

Could you please stop thinking in terms of one little city on the eastern coast of the United States and start thinking globally? it is only going to make you more money and make your customers happier.

I know you are raking in the dough right now, but this is not sustainable. I know I have to be one of your top 1% customers in terms of money spending, and you drive me insane cause I cannot give you more money.

How does having a special solo for 1 hour at 11am eastern time, benefit your company as a whole? Seriously? Do you all not stop to think that this alienates customers?

My wife ask me all the time why I play this game if it annoys me so much, and reminds me there are many games like God of War, Shadow of War (Who dumped loot boxes), Spider Man, Horizon Zero Dawn, and on and on that I can play for hundreds of hours and not pay extra or deal with the stress of this Madden game.

I am pushing 14,000 packs opened, I have spent upwards or over 5k a month on this game, and I honestly do not know what else to say. I hate to say this cause it has become such a internet thing, but this is literally another slap in the face to your customers.

11am eastern time is 5-6am Hawaii time depending on Daylight savings time (Which we do not do), and I am writing this message at almost 3 am Hawaii time, because I have been up late the past few days after having neck surgeries and playing madden to pass the time and pain.

There are literally millions of people trying to hand you more money, and you just keep ignoring them, or proverbially pushing their hand away.

How many people would spend money on "Fire sales" who normally do not spend a dime if they were available to EVERYONE and not just people who happen to be one at a certain hour?

I had already spent the Playstation limit, and due to that I could not participate in those sales, so it cost you money..................

I just cannot fathom your thinking, people ask me how I retired at 29, and it was very easy. I listened to my customers, sold them what they wanted, and never turned away more money when they wanted to give it to me.

I do not know what else to say. Your customers cannot force you to take their money, and all your are doing is shooting yourself in the foot and causing drama and annoyance in the Madden community.
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  • ok so my brain woke me up at 6am Hawaii time, and with 2 neck surgeries I played this challenge.......and got 300 superbowl rings?

    I am about 1/2 asleep but that seems a bit strange, O btw, it will not let me purchase a playoff player with rings. Have not been able to purchase 89+ player or Rings player, it says I am out of purchases. And I know on the first purchase where it said limit 4, I was only able to get 3 due to PSN limit and I had bought the Legend pack already.
  • Hey guys, all this time related problems we are having on PS4 where we cannot give you our money.....just sayin, that is what I was trying to say in my OP.

    Please note I am not trying to be a jerk, just trying to improve the game and fun for everyone, and eliminate some of the frustration.
  • You know, it is almost like I know what I am talking about here, and my predictions came true. I think we may need to start a new religion where I get 10% of everyone's MUT points. :-)

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