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Unable to purchase 12,000 ring playoff player

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edited February 2019
Just wanted to make a note, I woke up at 6 am my time, and I cannot purchase the 95 overall Playoff Hero bundle for 12,000 rings. It says I have 1 personal limit, but will not let me purchase one pack, this happened to me with the 89+ player also.

Just for bug finders, I was able to purchase the 90-91 power up pass with training.


  • Same here.. shame they're not as quick to fix this as they are with glitches that benefit the player lol
  • Moonreaver11
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    edited February 2019
    Hopefully they will see it, and help everyone out (Btw it is PS4 for me, not sure if Xbone is the same or not)

    So just to reiterate for me, this week

    #1 Unable to purchase 4th fire sale.
    #2 Unable to purchase even 1 89+ player
    #3 Unable to purchase the 12,000 ring 95 overall playoff player.
    #4 Was given 4 losses in solo battles I did not even play, which cost me a top 100 spot, or at the very minimum Ultimate level (I have a 98 team without a level 4 Madden card)
    #5 Unable to Purchase the 93 Harvest all stars, 2 personal limit zero remaining.
    6. 2 Team of the year fantasy packs
    7. 4 Platinum packs.

    Also from Christmas.

    # Lost several thousand training on Champ Bailey power up Forever Legend, and 200k in coin for the training.

    #2 Missed every fire sale in game prior to this one 2/1 late night Hawaii time, due to time zone issues.
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  • I had the same issue!!! I called to no help of course. It says 0 remaining although I NEVER was about to even purchase one.

    It did the same thing after I loaded money for the fire fantasy last night. I called EA 3 times, chat twice, and they do not care!!!!

    Said I was the only one to report issue!!!!

    Straight lying garbage!!!
  • I am unable to purchase the two 93 Harvest Players also, same thing, it says zero remaining.

    This is costing us millions of coin at this point.
  • Moonreaver11
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    edited February 2019
    Thanks god4givezidont06 for providing more proof, hopefully the devs can get this all worked out and do a make right for everyone.

    Everyone please continue to post on here your problems with the Blitz sale (Which I hate, and this is why I post my outside of my time zone rants)
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  • As long as you paid your 60 dollars for the game I don’t think they care about our issues.
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