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Serious Issues to fix for Madden 20 MUT

1. I really hate playing online in general because of the very poor matchmaking. My brother and I have played less than 10 online games as we have played the CPU mostly until now. Our first game we were matched against someone with a 99 Michael Vick and all kinds of speed/player boosts. We have very little boosts overall. Why are we playing a team that has clearly spent tons more $$ than we have and likely played 50+ online games or more? This makes us NOT want to play online because of not being matched with teams that are near ours overall. This game needs a Power rating that is based on team overall, number of boosts on cards, games played, games won.... I likely will not play online again this year. NOT fun at all currently.
2. The QB spy needs to attack/go after the QB whenever the QB leaves the pocket. Never crossing the LOS and just shadowing is not useful when the QB scrambles.
3. It would be VERY helpful to be able to set default adjustments OUTSIDE the game. For example, If I want my secondary to 'Play the Ball', it would be nice to set that in options so I don't have to waste my first play call just setting adjustments. too much wasted time/energy.
4. For the love of God and all things holy, give the defense a serious boost when people go for it on 4th down, especially if they are in their end of the field and winning. It beyond ticks me off that the conversion rate for 4th downs in madden is well above 70%. You keep tweaking all other variables in the game to better match target numbers, why is this one never touched? The defenders need a boost to awareness, PRC, and others in these cases. The boost should get larger the deeper they are in their own territory and if they are winning. Stop this nonsense. You might as well remove punt from the playbook online as the few games I have played, NO ONE punted, EVERYONE went for it not matter the score or field location. STUPID!!!!!
5. BUG: Started an online game and at the card display screen, the others teams disconnected. When back at the main screen, WE received a loss. Seriously. Nothing positive surrounds this years online play for me...at all.
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