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Horrible unrealistic gameplay

Madden y'all need to push an update to fix man coverage and press. If I develop 99 man coverage and press on my corners and can't press every play the game is fake. Man coverage is a joke. It is killing my gameplay because I have to look up glitches to play defense instead of playing football. Fix the game please man is broke u might as well have a oline play corner back. If have 99 latimore being beat consistently by receivers no where near his counter part . It's fake. Also quarterbacks throwing to tall receivers is a joke it's not a consistent competition. If I'm being played by short low overall corners then it should be a consistent high ball completion. Please push an update I am at the point of giving up on Madden. I know it's a video game but you should have to know how to play football to win and the game is not built that way. Fix the game because I'm almost done. Make the game one hundred percent realistic.


  • The whole game is glitches, the players that play 8 hours a day know exactly what can be covered and what can’t, most of these guys that play don’t have football IQ
  • They won’t fix the problems as long as people are spending money on the game
  • botravis
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    edited February 6
    That’s Right Doody that’s the aspect of the game that I don’t like. In order to be successful you MUST watch YouTube and learn how to Counter this Cheesy offensive play with this Cheesy D. There is no element about knowing football in the game it’s more about who knows the most exploits. And the Grown men that plays MUT you should be ashamed because you HURT the progression of the game due to spending money on childish ish such as Extra pass rush or extra Speed That’s corny. EA Sports will NEVER make a good product as long as you’re spending extra money on have John Riggins at RB. It angers me every time I see this corny game mode. I can’t even log into Twitch and watch a good game because everyone have all these corn ball Throwback players. I remember when you could log onto Twitch and watch all the Top Head to Head players Bang. Now everyone is trying to Get sponsored by having some corny channel playing Mut.
  • I think every video game is going to be glitchy but no corner can actually play man 2 man coverage too many times man 2 man only works if you can get pressure on the QB
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