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More proof that this game is horrible

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edited February 2019
Just take a look at what I experience every single game.

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  • none of your links work.
  • Bones3O
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    Bro the Hit Stick on Vick at the 2 was on point, happens to me so often when they dont fumble with the hit stick, then I fumble on something dumb
  • Videos showed normal game play to me.
  • This is all normal game play. I gaurentee for every link you have about “this game is awful and screwed me,” you could produce 3 of your team doing it to the other team. You’re getting sacked in 3/4 of your videos. Slide your line or call a play that doesn’t take 5 seconds to develop OR do what everyone does when their under pressure and put a RB or 2 back their to pick up blitzes. It happens to everyone.
  • Pretty sure in most of them i am Id-ing the mike and getting sacked by a two man rush. I can honestly say I can never get that
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