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Has this happened to anyone else?

I swear this game cheats before the game even starts. It’s already decided who has won. I’m up 21-7 and “all of a sudden” my defense can’t pick off anything. NINE DROPPED PICKS! Has this happened to anyone else? I use the Bears if that helps who has the best D in the game


  • Look up a thing called DDA, EA will never confirm its in the game, but it would sure be convenient for a game that wants you to continue to buy things if more people stay engaged, which is exactly what DDA is designed to do.
  • I've only been playing for a little over a month and have mainly been doing the MUT solo challenges and just started doing some of the solo battles but I agree there is definitely some odd behavior at times. At times, when you're winning a challenge too easily, the opposing offense led by some schmuck like Case Keenum or something will snap the ball against an all out blitz and instantly throw it to a wide open receiver 50+ yards down field when it's not humanly possible for a receiver to sprint 50 yards in a split second. Other times, things like HESI, stiff arm, hurdle, etc will be completely disabled for the entire challenge. No matter how many times you press the button the player will simply not perform the move. And yet other times you can throw to a wide open receiver without a defender within 20 yards and he'll either completely muff the catch or the defender will teleport across the field for an interception. And then there's the kicking game. Sometimes you can play an entire challenge trying different strengths from lowest to highest and the ball will travel the exact same distance on every kickoff. It's certainly frustrating at times but I balance it out by running up the score every chance I get.
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