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Long passing

This may be viewed as a rant, but.....

Successful long passing seems to be on the edge of impossible. Very slow d backs close on fast receivers at jet speed....frequently resulting in a pick. A team built for a vertical game is really disadvantaged. It appears that the game has been overtweaked to force a rushing game. Four yards and a cloud of dust is as boring now as it was 50 years ago.


  • This is kind of true. When I was doing the TOTY Juju event, I saw that the probably 80 ovr cbs were competing with a 97 spd WR. It makes no sense. But yeah, they were trying to make Smashmouth more effective.
  • That's why I decided to grind another cards event for badges to get Juju forfieting the the remote possible of pulling him.
  • Yes because wrs/tes are not reactive to ball, and qb throw is merely hope instead of creating a window around wts/te to throw to. Defense speeds are ridiculous my 98 speed gets chased from behind all the time by s across field or lbs mlbs a few des from behind.

    EA knows but they dont say much about its status
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