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SML Recruitment thread (PS4)

What is the SML? What does it stand for? What are the league values? What separates this league from the other SIM PlayStation 4 Madden Leagues? Those are all great, great questions. I will answer them all, and many more in this post.

"An Introduction to the SML"

- The SML stands for Sim Madden League, simple enough. We are an experienced SIM league with well thought out, and enforced rules. We leave little area of question, which helps keep games running as smooth as possible. Our league is founded by (me) Prime-Time000 who has over 11+ years of Madden experience, and my fellow counterpart FieldGeneral. Together, we have over 25 years of Madden experience in playing the game. We take playing SIM very seriously, but being SIM goes beyond the white lines of the virtual football field. We have rules on roster management, and also keep track to make sure all games are being played.

We advance on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 10:30 P.M Eastern Time.

"We are a Family in the SML"

Sure I could list the rules we have and why that makes us so SIM, but that would just make us like every other Madden league. However, you're going to be playing Madden with 31 other members, why not get along with them? We use Groupme as the main form of communication, but also allow guys to text each other to schedule their games as well. We are grown men, so of course drama or arguing is not tolerated in the Social Chat. With this being an 18+ Madden League, we understand people have jobs, families, issues outside of Madden. That's why we won't remove you if you miss a game, as long as you let your opponent know you have an emergency. In a world where there seems to lack understanding, we feel it is important to have empathy for our own players. We treat our members as we would like to be treated, and we treat every player as fair and evenly as possible to ensure everyone has a positive experience.

"A League for the People By the People"

Fieldgeneral and I had originally tinkered with some pretty good Madden SIM leagues. There are plenty of great leagues out there, you just have to do some digging. Heck, there are some great leagues on this site alone, so you'll never see us put down a league. However, we have been treated unfairly in the past by other leagues, so we felt it was time to take the matter in our own hands in the beginning. Through blood, sweat, and tears the SML was born. A rocky beginning was to follow, but soon traction was gained, and we began to build a solid core group of guys that are pillar players in the SML today. We have a wide variety of skill levels with our players. Some guys are elite, and others are playing to reach that level. But everyone has the same attitude towards Madden - SIM Play and treating others the right way.

"How to Join the SML"

The SML does occasionally have a few openings. Your best chance of landing a spot in the SML when there are openings are by filling out our application in the new member registration tab on www.simmaddenleague.com . That site also has our complete set of game play rules, and league rules. So once you're in the league you may definitely want to bookmark that site.

www.simmaddenleague.com (for application and rules)

www.daddyleagues.com/sml (for roster information etc)


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