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Can we have Madden Mobile back?

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edited February 2019
I know not everybody feels this way, but hear me out. If we all band together we can make Madden Mobile great again.

Some people didn't like the game because it got stale during the offseason, but we just need good promos and people will stay.

The game just became a massive cash grab this season. Every chance it gets, the game tries to get money off of you. It even got to the point of VIP events, blatantly showing that it is now pay to win. What happened to the weekend grinding, now it's just paying to overcome the grind?

There were honestly some great features like Weekend Tournament and just the promos to do something. It was actually very fun, and something I looked forward to every day. It had been the best season yet at the time.

I think that the best idea for Madden Mobile 20 would be a mix of the best things from previous Maddens. Like the promos and excitement from 15 and 16. The imagination of 17. The designs and innovations of 18. But the one thing that people actually wanted for Madden Mobile 19, graphics. Over all of the years of Madden Mobile, the game was amazing, but the graphics were lacking. We got those graphics, but then a lot too much was introduced.

Thanks to all who got through the whole thing. Comment your feelings about what Madden Mobile 20 should be, not just what it should have.

Thanks again,


  • I started playing in march last year games was fun. This yeat card art and graphics are awesome but the game lacks fun.

    Madden on a console is based on player vs player, nfl conference vs conference. In saying that, should build this version on level because everyone loves it. They love it cause its straight up and not bot 50/50 win loss ratios. It isnt fantasy.

    Some great things this year. The new years rank up. Way cool. Promos are cool but there arent enough. Boom or bust is fun.

    I wish madden would get of the 100 kick per player

    *****my wish. *****
    That Madden, NEXT YEAR would create the 26 players per team per position all bottom tier and let you training points from bronze 50 to diamond blue 100. Each promo is a skin that gives you power/boost to a player of choice. 26 promos each team mate could benefit. And promo wouldn't go unnoticed by creating that skin and upper right corner it has like a bunny or a flag or CR or golden ticket whatever it is. That way you can field your team instead of constantly getting repeat cards like bobby wagner Ect and they boost each other. Full team of actual team +26 power ect.
  • I like your idea, but it would take the team building aspect out. No one wants a team of no-names.
  • Im just saying a team of the actual players. You can have any. Im a cowboys fan so i want zeke dak jarwin cooper ect. I would field most of their team except xwoods,crawford, wilson ect. Its like actual madden in a way cause you can make trades except here you buy the players you want. Everyone starts out at silverand its up to you to power your team up tye actual way you want to.
  • Yes, I would like that to be a separate mode, but this is honestly a great idea.
  • EA, please if you see this, we’re begging you to fix this game. The graphics this year and tournaments are the only positive. The game has gotten ridiculously crazy with promos, leveling players up, overdrive, etc. Just stick to what got you so many players in MM15, 16, and 17. Please go back to how it was, I used to love the game and I haven’t played all year because of hoe much worse it’s gotten. Thank you.
  • Thanks for your comment, @gavhealy02. I also think they should have just kept it how it was instead of over-improving.
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