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AI/Logic in Madden

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EA developers there needs to be some modification to the logic/ai in the game..
Far too often, when I'm playing the game the ai doesn't follow normal football logic. It's almost as if the games are scripted
I quit a game that I was winning recently because the ai and game play in general wasn't playing correctly. Regardless of what I did the game went in my favor. I literally started picking running plays and I would hike the ball and press no buttons and still, my running back would rush for 4 to 10 yards.. This is all while the other user is playing a 46 bear defense..
Then I played another game not to long after that where I couldn't run the ball at all. The guy I was playing against ran quarters— QUARTERS! ALL GAME ..
Making the right plays on defense or offense should be rewarded guys. Instead of this, we have to deal with the ai sort of fastforwarding players in position or completely nerfing others
listen, something needs to be done about this.. there are games where you win or lose and none of this happens. Those are the best ones but too often, we have these games where it's all decided or seemingly decided by the cpu

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  • Are you guys ever going to HONESTLY address this
  • I don't think they address much of anything. They rarely respond to post here from what I've seen. They respond to absolutely nothing on the EA Madden facebook. And I can't seem to find any place for bug reports. I'm sure they think there are none but there are a few that happen consistently (on PC). Overall I'd say they are one of the worst developers I come across in all the games I play. The small indie developers with teams less than 5 I deal with are far better at customer relations than EA.
  • Don’t give constructive criticism, waste of time
  • would probably help if you all were on the right boards...try going here

    answers. ea. com/ t5/ Madden-NFL-19 /ct-p /madden-nfl-19-en
  • That doesn't work either.. madden 18 everyone's ranking disappeared and no one on that board responded
  • I doubt any of this will be fixed in the next Madden
  • Unfortunately this type of AI behavior will never be fixed as it's purposely designed this way. Madden is designed specifically with MUT in mind. And MUT is designed specifically to waste you're time and/or frustrate you to the point that you run to the store and spends hundreds on points. That is the one and only purpose with modern Madden. And sadly this approach has ruined all other aspects of the game. Prior to this I last played Madden 07 (which was multitudes better than this garbage) and it's painfully obvious after just two short months of playing 19 that EA has turned the game into nothing but a money grabbing pile of excrement. And until people wise up and stop throwing money at them to buy MUT items it will stay this way.
  • Post patch even worse... This is trash.. it's a trash game.. trash DDA.. you can't play the game without this mess happening
  • Still not addressed... This is trash
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