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12x Teambuilder Bundle Issue (for devs) 97

Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Just wanted to make a quick comment on the 12x TBB that came with the 97 ovr MVP.

I purchased it (100 dollars) knowing that I would not get the card I wanted but at least a 97 I could sell.

And then the card turned out to be Nat. It does not say NAT anywhere on the Bundle until you bring up the "Odds" which I figured there was zero point since it was a guaranteed 97.

Anyways it was just a bit misleading and I would not have purchased the pack had I known. (I don't want my money back or anything like that)

I just hope in the future you all can label the Bundle and make it a little more clear.


  • Moonreaver11
    337 posts Member
    edited February 24
    The reason I mention this also is because everytime you have done a 12000 point Legend or UL bundle with Rating C card included with the bundle it has never been Nat this year. (Unless it was a specific player like the MVP or GOTY QB's. (But those were labeled well)
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