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Madden NFL - February Title Update



  • I wish EA would fix the LURK..its UNREALISTIC how LB's lead the league and most teams on MADDEN in INTs....

    The A.I. on the loop passes that you intend to drop in the bucket...The defense will 97% pick off...EA U GOT IT WRONG AND THE WHOLE SEASON DIDNT THINK OF HOW UN-NFL LIKE THIS IS....ready for 20....ths version and season sucks...

    glitches..patches no football common sense in pograming 2019
  • Cleva203
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    Why do LB'S lead teams in INTS....
    Not likely in real NFL

    Stupid A.I.

    Stupid Patch
    No A.I.

    EA Fix b4 20

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  • U guys still complaining about console get over it imagine if u guys was stuck with madden overdrive all season DAT nobody wanted ask for are needed ok
  • Hey Devs,
    Now we have ball carriers falling forward at a ridiculous rate. Ranked games need to be on all madden. Pro stuff is awful to play on.
    Still have guys running pass defenses and stopping the run. What happened to animations where larger players win vs smaller players. Hit stick should only be allowed on safeties, linebackers and DE’s. When was the last time you seen a corner take on a TE and kill him? Ratings shouldn’t drop for running backs when it’s shotgun or under center. That doesn’t not happen in real life. Linebackers are still jumping thru the roof. This is the biggest problem you have right now. Linebackers 85 speed running with 90 speed or faster wrs. Why? When was the last time you seen a defender do super dive to tackle a ball carrier? Corners should not be under 88 speed, period. Why are back side zones fading? This is why the game is considered broken. All dudes run are deep crosses. How often do you see one play td’s in real life. On madden all you gotta do is trick the zone and with the right guy it can happen every drive. Why is nickel cover 2 the only d you see at tourneys? You don’t think that’s a problem
  • Please EA, bring back Spawned Game. We need play with lower pings here in Brazil.
  • Hey Devs- How is it guys can run base D’s vs 3 and 4 wide and run man and zone and keep up with wrs. Then you have guys running pass d’s Like I’ve mentioned before stopping the run? Stop asking the guys in tourneys about the game. They do not know or understand football. They want the more cheesier to benefit them. Madden keeps regressing. Either get new testers or devs.
    Let me know and I can help you text the game. I’ve been playing madden since the first 1
  • Tarisinho
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    www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb2RScVLOko please @EA_KRAELO see the comments in this video. They can help the development of the game
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  • After this update every time you attempt to sack the quarterback he falls forward and it no longer counts as a sack. This animation happens far too often now. How can a quarterback who is scrambling fall forward for a loss of yards and it not be a sack.

    This is killing franchise players. What sucks is this is probably the last patch before madden 20. I can tell you this i will not be buying 20 unless they start making some massive changes. This game is trash in the current state.

    The combine grade system needs to be reworked. How can the number 2 acceleration corner have 85 acceleration. This makes no sense. This is how it worked long ago before when the combine was in. Bring back the scouting with grades. Let us scout what we want about a player. Team already know what a guy is going to be like before the combine. You can tell if a guy is fast or has great movement or is strong. Speaking of strong how can the number 1 reps left tackle have 89 strength. Like the whole system is wrong. This needs to get addressed.
  • Please roll back latest patch. It isn't good.
    157 posts EA Madden Community Team
    Tarisinho wrote: »
    www.youtube.com/watch?v=cb2RScVLOko please @EA_KRAELO see the comments in this video. They can help the development of the game

    Will do. Thanks for the feedback.

  • TheCHEF525
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    Please Please PLEASE fix that awful tackling, the suctioning where the ball carrier slows down and get sucked in to the defender is irritating. Thanks
  • Can you stop allowing Tight Ends and Tackles

    (more specifically Tight Ends)

    to consistently ‘reach’ block a stronger defender that is either head up or literally outside shoulder, sometimes even a yard (A YARD!) outside of the blocker. I just lost a game because apparently Austin Hooper
    (Atlanta Falcons Tight End, known for CATCHING PASSES)
    Can reach block Shaq Thompson
    (Carolina Panthers Sam Linebacker)
    when Shaq Thompson is a yard outside of him on I-Fomation HB STRETCH vs 4-3 Under.

    I also just want to say good job this year with the quarters and palms installment, I like where you guys are going with that just need tune ups vs ‘bunch’ and ‘tight’ formations.
    Oh yeah and can you install a play next year to specifically stop Treek Hill thanks that would mean a lot instead of cover 8 give us a play called cover Tyreek thanks 😂
  • The game is worse after the patch because weight and momentum is completely messed up please fix this ASAP
  • rghfxdsa1
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    EA please fix the freezing/crashing in offline franchise mode. 1 or 2 things happen for me I score a touchdown and when I hit the x button to hit field goal it has no play. and freezes. Or 2 it randomly freezes or gets stuck on players in between play select screen and I cant select a play. I payed $60 for the game and haven't been able to complete a game.
  • LLallday24
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    Can you please fix Cover 3 sky. It's literally there to stop the deep crossing routes that end on the sidelines 20 yards up field. There is NO DEFENSE that defends these areas consistently. I will give up flat routes all day to defend deep crossers, but even when I play a man in zone in that specific area and shade outside, the receiver will still be open to make a sideline catch. People exploit this non-stop. Literally everyone I play abuses that route combo. The ONLY way to stop it is to get pressure on the QB before the routes can be completed.
  • luisguga971
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    After the update appeared a problem in the audio when on the playing field (PC version). It's like a hiss/sizzle.

    Sorry for the bad english, i'm from Brazil.
  • DerBuhBaer
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    Having Audio Issues. Crowd Noise causes crackling/sizzle. PC Version
  • Hey @Cleva203 so I was wondering about this to do I did some digging....the simulated INT’s are completely random. I went through 5 teams and adjusted every defensive player’s CTH, CIT, and SPC rating to 1 (lowest they can go) and random players were still getting INT’s every game.

    So, the defensive players catch rating have absolutely no bearing on whether or not they will get an interception in any given simulated game. This sucks pretty bad.
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