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Update Feb 28th

308 posts EA Community Manager
Hey Everyone,

There will be a few new things coming this week:

The Combine Program will launch on the 28th. I will try and get some info together to share before it's launch.

We will be launching making some changes to the way that players exchange. We are adding a trophy system similar to what we have had in previous seasons. There will be Silver, Gold, Elite, and Diamond trophies. All base players and players without specific exchanges will now exchange for trophies. Trophies can be exchanged for Training Points or for players. Here is the full breakdown of what you can expect:

Player Exchange Values
  • 60-69 is 1 Silver Trophy
  • 70-74 is 1 Gold Trophy
  • 75-79 is 2 Gold Trophies
  • 80-84 is 1 Elite Trophy
  • 85-89 is 2 Elite Trophies
  • 90-92 is 1 Diamond Trophy
  • 93-95 is 2 Diamond Trophies
  • 96-98 is 3 Diamond Trophies
  • 99 is 4 Diamond Trophies

Trophy -> Training Point Exchange Values
  • Silver Trophy to 20 TP
  • Gold Trophy to 80 TP
  • Elite Trophy to 2,000 TP
  • Diamond Trophy to 20,000 TP
  • Trophy -> Player Exchange Values
  • 10 Silvers Trophies for 1 Gold
  • 70 Gold Trophies for 1 Elite
  • 30 Elite Trophies for 1 Diamond

The reason that we are making this switch is that it will allow more flexibility and will allow us to add in additional sets for trophies in the near future.

The Quad Hub will be getting its re-launch this Friday in the 24/7 hub. You can look forward to four new players, one from each program. Additionally, there will be a new drop of players every 2 weeks.



  • Hi David - can you clarify for me? I just won 87 rated Russell Wilson in the weekly tourney. Before this update he would have been worth @ 10-12,000 training points.
    Post the update I can exchange him for 2 red trophies, which are each exchangeable for 2.000 training points. So he is worth 4,000 training points.
    So, the value of an 87 rated player has fallen by @ 60-70% since this update? Is this correct?
    If it is correct, how is this right when the actual cost of training players hasn’t changed?
  • Can y’all (EA) cut the cool down time in half for combine badges ? Nice promo but still bugging
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