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Glitch in 48 hour squads event

Hi there,

My friend and I both logged in over 5 hours playing the 48 squads event. After we were 5 and 0, we went to start a new game, both of us were in the party room. He clicked ready, and instead of waiting for me to click ready, it attempted to start a game for him, then glitched and told him that there was an error and it counted as a lose for him. Needless to say, we continued to play and got the 10 wins. I was allowed the NAT 97 player plus coins and trophies and he was not since the error recorded as a loss. Anything you guys can do to help him get his 97 player and other rewards? Just isn't fair that I got mine and he didn't, considering we both won the 10 games and he's the one that is the offensive guru and Carries our team!




  • Same thing occurred on my end. I played with a random for 5 games and went 5-0. Tried to ready up and got stuck on the loading into next match for 20-25 minutes so I restarted the game and went back in at 0-0. Was so frustrated I did not continue to play. This is something that really should not be happening in such a large game. Very disappointed in EA.
  • Same thing happened to me. Cost me a 97 NAT and even contacted EA. They sent me here because of course they couldn’t do anything about it (****). Everything to them about the dollar sign. Mine cut off after 5 games. In a party with same guy I had played with for all 10 (ended up winning 5 more to help him get 10 after) but not enough time in day to finish 5 more. Sends me to another game with a random person then force quits me out. Very frustrating. EA should be making this right with people. Obviouslt not an issue on our end
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