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Eas idea of bettering the game experience is taking training pts. Changing them to trophies and making you enter 1 trophy at a time for each kind of trophy to gain the corresponding tp amount. How can anyone be this stupid. Do they not play this game or pay attention to the massive amounts of similar failures they have had in the past. Nobody wants to enter 1 trophy at a time for anything. I dont get how ea comes up with this ****, thinks it's a great idea, and then implements it with out ever testing it or thinking about what it will do. Then when it fails like it always does with ea, because ea is one **** show after the next, they dont learn from it, like oh, that doesnt work, no no, they do the exact same things over and over. Its unreal how incompetent a company like ea truly is. Other major gaming companies arent having these problems, so what's eas excuse.
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