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Update: Falling Forward Bug

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Hi Madden Community,

We wanted to give you all a quick update on the falling forward bug that players have been experiencing since the February Title Update.

This is a top priority for the team and we're actively working on a fix for the problem. We are targeting an update in the second half of next week and will provide updates when we have more concrete details.

The Madden Team

UPDATE - Wednesday, March 13th at 3:30PM ET: Our changes to address the falling forward bug are currently in certification with Microsoft and Sony. If everything goes smoothly there, we plan to release the update this week.
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  • Any update on the day the patch will be coming? I assume you’re working on the Not Counting tackling stats as well as the falling forward bug?
  • EA_Roger
    1483 posts EA Community Manager
    @geoff112001 , we don't have any more information than the above as of yet. We are still targeting the same timeline mentioned.
  • @geoff112001 I noticed that the not counting tackling issue occurs when the falling forward animation happens. So hopefully "fingers crossed" by fixing the falling forward animation the tacking stat issue will be fixed as well.
  • 2 weeks and no fix for such a blatant slew of bugs put into the game for no good reason.
  • I have never in my life played another video game with so many bugs. How is this even possible? You have been making this game for almost 30 years, what are you doing?

    Do you think Last of Us will have 4,000 issues when it comes out? I can answer that question, no it won’t, because they won’t release the game until it is ready to be played. And I know what someone will say, that madden has to be released by a certain date every year, but they also do this every year, so one could assume they should know what they are up against.

    I have said it once but I think it should be said again. If this were any other product it would be recalled. It is MARCH and the game is broken!

    I have tried to get a refund but I can’t get one from Sony because it isn’t their fault they sold me a game that was a lie, it is the manufacturer that is to blame, which has led me down a much different path which I won’t comment on it in this forum.
  • NatureBoy2323
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    Hey Madden Community,

    The following updates are in today’s Title Update:
    Addressed an issue related to players falling forward after a tackle
    Improved logging related to connectivity issues

    Thank you again for your patience and continued feedback.

    The Madden Team

  • Miamibay
    1 posts New member
    Every since Wednesday my mut will not let me log into my solo battles. At first I thought it was everyone. Please help. I’m ps4 and my psn is miamibay
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