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92-93 Power Up Pass Gone

So I downgraded Tyreek Hill to get my 92-93 power up pass back. I wrote down who I used each of them on because of course the game gives you no way to tell unless you downgrade them. In downgrading Tyreek Hill, when I got to the 94 downgrade, apparently they now give you the option to use training on his blitz card. So instead of giving me my power up pass back to use again on a player with higher value, it instead gave me half of the training you can now use instead of his blitz card. My 92-93 power up pass has magically disappeared. There is literally no way to get rid of a 92-93 power up pass because you can't trade a 94 power up player into any sets. Of course EA told me there is nothing they can do. This is the second time I've had things magically disappear ... first one was my team captain card which they were magically able to give me back. Apparently I'm just out of luck on the power up pass. Thanks EA.


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