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Cbs safeties lbs

Seems like they know my routes better than my wrs. Kinda ridiculous watching a lb be downfield 30 yards in a zone cb 20 yards away gets to ball before wr. Safeties move still way to fast. Cant hardly throw or run now. Football is a great game but somewhere you have issues with your ideas of football. I wish stats of players were realistic. Wrs rbs and tes are just as fast. This game has rbs slower then lbs? Cbs slower than lbs? De faster than wrs?


  • I wish we were allowed to post videos cause i could show you what im talking about
  • Completely agree....apparently some sort of leveling....which makes people who build good teams frustrated.
  • The whole damn game is broken. And instead of fixing the issues that are driving its customers away they are too busy figuring out ways to get the most money out of the customer's that are left.
    There financial report says it all. This game is losing money and it's because they are ignoring the guys here on this forum and all around the Madden overdrive world that is telling what is wrong.
    I don't understand why they don't listen to us.
  • You can post videos... they'll have to be uploaded to YouTube first it seems. That's how I do it.

    It's all AI, that's why no matter the power of the opponent the AI still is in control and know the plays and jump routes and MLB 30 yards down field.
    I run smashmouth and it seems like they know the play I'm running even if its 6 different plays out of same formation. The console game the same way that's why I stopped playing (buying) madden for console. They really need to tone down the AI as I stated before.
  • Well try downloading that stuff for us
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