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NFL proposes alternate to onside kick


The NFL appears to be on the verge of implementing a very interesting alternative to the onside kick.
The proposal calls for teams to get the option, a maximum of once per game during the fourth quarter only, of foregoing a kickoff and instead attempting to remain on offense following a score by converting what would essentially be a fourth-and-15 play from its own 35-yard line.

If the play is converted, the team keeps possession. If the attempt fails, the other team takes over possession.

Ok, so why am I bringing this up? Because this represents everything that is wrong with Madden 19.

- Defenders can't stop or even contain someone running the exact same play over and over again.
- Passing the ball requires no skill and is just a simple button press that automatically throws a near perfect pass in almost every situation.
- There are no tactical adjustments for simple routes like the dig, drag, or other crossing routes.

So in the NFL, trying to consistently convert 4th and 15 would be a difficult challenge. In Madden this is as simple as running your normal offense.

Should this alternative onside kick be a part of Madden 2020? If the NFL has it, of course it should! But that just means that some players will never see the ball again, as everyone playing this game will attempt the 4th and 15 onside kick.

Unless of course, Madden 2020 is finally a game where the above mentioned problems are fixed once and for all.

I won't hold my breath though. Nor will I be buying Madden 2020 (or any other future version of the game) until the things listed above are fixed. Call it an alternative to an onside kick in the pants.
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