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Gameplay problems

Alright where do we start. First off, aggressive catch is still pretty broken, I’ve seen receivers actually attempt to catch the ball now but it seems everytime they jump to catch it they stay in the air much too long. And if a defender touches the receiver at all during that process, it’s a drop. Even with 99 spec catch lol. Also, it seems like QBs just aren’t able to mak sideline throws. 9/10 times the QBs throws the ball way out of bounds while the receiver is wide open heading towards the sideline. It’s like he tries to lead him, and doesn’t know where the sideline is. Also pass protection is god awful online. Secure pass blocker doesn’t really do anything I guess, because my opponent could rush four against my 95+ ovr oline and I still have about 3 seconds to throw. On the other hand, when I blitz with my d, I’m unable to shed his blockers, especially the tackles. Using a 99 over LT and Strahan so it’s v frustrating knowing you should be getting to the QB way quicker but you just end up stuck on the tackle without the option to use power/finesse moves. Also lurking lbs and cbs seem to be OP in zone. They have super human ability to pick a ball off about 8 feet above there head and in the opposite directionthey were just moving in. It just seems like the defense reacts WAY to quick to your qb throwing a pass. They start breaking towards the ball the second your QBs winds up his throwing motion it’s crazy. Meanwhile it seems like the receivers don’t know how to run routes, or just don’t know how to do it full speed, they jog and don’t even try to get open, route running needs to be fixed. Offensive player needs to actually try to get open, not get behind the defender(happens way too much). Lastly there’s a glitch when in pistol FB is offset, if you audible the fb to pass protect a lot of the times he’s gets in the way of the snap and causes a fumble.


  • A majority of the game changers and tournament players have been posting videos all year talking about how awfully broken the game play is. Most are also considering this to be the worst madden of all time. They fully took away all user control for a WR to go up and get a 50/50 ball back in 2016 when OBJ made the catch of all catches. It's obviously a scripted animation on 50/50 balls that you have no control over.

    They said they were fixing super jump LBs back in like 2013 but its still there lmao

    Zone cov is super OP and react literally .000000000000000001 second after you click the WRs button.

    Oline pass blocking is atrocious and has been since Madden 25 with A gaps DTs walking through the line untouched every play with is ridiculous.

    Madden still doesn't have route logic for zone coverage like sitting in the open space on a crossing route, but I think that's way too much to ask for since we can't even get features we enjoyed from PS2 maddens.
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    I cant understand why ea continuously try to build on a broken game. It is painfully obvious that this whole build needs to be redone. Let’s scrap what we had from the past and just make a game from scratch. It’s so bad now that players icons are rotating on defense. If u use defensive quick adjustments, your defenders icon aren’t what they’re supposed to be. Like whn did this start happening??? Why is this happening??? There are already too many problems to wrk around inside game to hv an issue such as this. And I dnt see anything being said about this like no one knows it’s happening. But I refuse to believe they dnt kno, more like they dnt wanna draw attention to yet another issue. I think it would do the whole madden community some good if the company just took a year off and created a brand new game. And I’m more than sure we would get a much better product. And the game doesn’t hv to die. Just keep releasing mut content while the rebuild is in progress. But the state that the game is in now is unacceptable. This is not the vision. This is not what players hv in mind whn they cut their console on. Nobody wants to engage with a game that’s not playing the way it should. Defenders not responding whn trying to pick balls off, there’s no zone to defend corner routes, receivers dropping wide open passes, but also catching the ball in a sea of defenders.... And the list goes on. All these thing ruins the gaming experience. And look, I’m one of the biggest madden fans on the face of the planet. My 1st madden experience came on the sega genius, so I’ve seen a lot of madden in my time. The game was at its best whn it was on ps2, if we can just get it back to those days it would be a much better product than it is now (gameplay wise). I hope someone at ea sees this, because this is something they really need to consider.

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  • Yes I agree. I wish they would just upload madden 25 game play and fix A gaps, trucking, and a few other things and I would be happy.

    Its so insane how we can be in the year 2019, and the game is so much worse now than 10-15 years ago with more advanced technology at their disposal.
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