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Heelo Dev Team,

i have a BIG problem, every Week i get an DNF in Solo battle because is loose connection to EA server for like 1 Sec, i only get DCed from EA Server and i can connect right back into it and it is VERY annoying.

I have a Stable Cable Connection and my PC is the Only one Connectet via Cable in my Network and this Costed me Million on Coins past 4 Weeks this week i was on my way to Top 10 and now i can hope to even hit the T100.

Please give me some advice how i can solve that DC thing.


  • and we are in WEEK 6 where it happens and Support is not helpfull AT ALL so pls Dev team give me something
  • I'm beyond frustrated with MUT....How in the world guys avg over 26k a game is crazy...Best I have done in the 13 Games is just over 330k....Still Damn near over 5,000 from sniffing top 100....
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